Thursday, February 28, 2008


Landscape, (2.75" x 4")
by Fannie Narte

Okay, I didn't realize this was "not" ACEO size until I completed it. ;-D Can you tell the state of my mind at the moment? I just took a piece of "scrap" Pellon from my bin and started working. It looked like an ACEO size, and felt like an ACEO size, but . . . the ruler "rules."

This was really fun to do. Working small was a good change. I'll try again tomorrow with the correct size this time . . . at least that's my plan.


Sherry said...

Fannie, really nice piece even though the wrong size. Did you do the color directly on the pelon? Have a great creative day. Sherry

Fannie said...

Hi, Sherry~~no, I used a cotton fabric. The pellon is the center of the "sandwich." ~~Hugs~~

Jacq said...

Great work, love the tree. Maybe you could start a new size for trading cards. ;-)

Fannie said...

Funny, Jacq. You wanna trade? ;-B