Monday, February 18, 2008

"Lost in Colour," by Heather Chalkley

"Lost in Colour," by Heather Chalkley, (4" x 6")
Fiber Art Traders, Poetic Postcard Exchange
Photographed by

Lost in colour
And paint
And dye--
Time loses meaning whilst I fly
Away, to where
It takes me.

~by Heather Chalkley~

Heather from Scotland created this beautiful mixed media postcard. Some of the items she used are Pelmet Vilene, which she colored with Neocolor II and Bonadaweb, which is known in the U.S. as "Wonder Under." In addition, she used organza, silk, wool fleece, and acrylic paint. She fused the different elements to the surface. Heat embossed rubber stamped images were added.

Her landscape composition has an atmospheric design. Her use of colors in this postcard add depth and movement, and her stitching not only emphasizes certain landscape features, but it provides movement too.

The design of this postcard draws the viewer into the piece. This is an exciting, yet peaceful composition. Great use of design elements, Heather. Thanks for the postcard.


morningDove said...

heather is an amazing artist. like you fannie. I noticed your date at top is wrong or is this a piece you planned on posting Feb28? you once said you work on postings in advance. Are you that far ahead. you go,

Fannie said...