Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paper Fabric Hearts, by Jacq Christensen

Paper Fabric Hearts, Fabric Postcard, (4" x 6")
by Jacq Christensen

I received this postcard from Jacq Christensen of Longview, Washington as a trade in our group, "Surface Design."

Jacq sent me the following description of how she constructed this postcard:

"The background and the heart are made from fabric paper that were made with tissue paper, diluted glue and muslin. There is some stamping on the heart that is heat embossed. Red glass beads and a crystal were used as embellishments, and red eyelash yarn was added to the edges of the postcard."

Jacq is a talented artist, and her workmanship is excellent. She enjoys learning new things and shares her creations on her blog "Jacq's Fibers." Jacq and I met in a postcard exchange group through Art2Mail last year, and we also share the same birthday.


Surface Design is a group for individuals interested in expressing ideas or understanding techniques in an open environment. The group explores texture, new techniques, and incorporates all media of surface design into their artworks. The group also trades art/fiber postcards incorporating surface design ideas from abstract elements to fiber representations. Joanna, a talented artist who inspires creativity with fun and unique trades, is the group's "List Mom." Come join us!


Joanna van said...

You are too sweet Fanny! Thanks for the support.

Fannie said...

You're welcome, Joanna.