Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Leap, Sketch, Watercolors, 9" x 12"
Fannie Narte

This is my humble submission to Illustration Friday's weekly challenge--Leap. It's a "play" on the ideas of achieving goals and Easter. Don't laugh--you're seeing how my mind works. And, yes, "pun" intended. ;-D

My first thought was a frog leaping over a leaf. I wanted to do something different. With the coming of Easter, I thought I'd sketch a rabbit leaping over the goal line.

Sometimes days can be tough and make you feel like you've been stomped on, shoved aside and knocked over. But you get back up and run towards your goals. If you focus on what it may feel like to achieve your goals and push everything aside as you move forward, when you finally get close to that goal line--you Leap. Ahhhh, satisfaction!


"Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday and then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation. Topics are picked each week from a list of suggestions that have been emailed by participants."

I usually post my IF submissions on my other blog, Fannie's Fine Art Studio.


Janice said...

its a touchdown for the bunny! ... the rabbits expression says it all.

Joanna van said...

Fanny, this is really cute! I love the idea of "football" eggs. The little bunny looks like he's worked hard to get to that goal line!

Fannie said...

Thanks, Janice and Joanna.

Happy Easter!

Regina Gansen Rooks said...

This is so fun Fannie! I just finished posting my IF entry & I put a link to your blog there. I used Neocolor II & thought people might like to see what you have to say about them.
Love the whimsy in this one! xo

mangosteenskin said...

i like the style. eventhough the color is very light, but the illustration is interesting.

Jacq said...

Your bunny is really cute. Staying focused on my goals can be a challenge. Thanks to friends like you who help along the way.

morningDove said...

know what you mean about "stomped" on but I love that we need to stay focused on goal line but for you its GOLD line, bc that is what you are PURE GOLD.

Fannie said...

I had fun sketching this one. My husband was the model for the bunny--ha, ha! I need to run over to your blog and see your submission. I'm sure it's great!

Welcome, mangosteenskin. The color values were deliberate, to focus on the collection of eggs within the goal. Thanks for your comments. Hope to see you back here.

I think we help each other, Jacq. Nice, isn't it?

Pure gold, Dove? I was just thinking that about you.

Ku'ulei said...

I love the bunny's shadow. Good modeling dad! :)

Fannie said...

3 models in the fam! ;-D

Cindy said...

I enjoy watching your submissions for IF...and I have found through your blog some very interesting artists that participate in IF.

Nothing more exciting to me than seeing a concept come into reality. Mr Bunny looks just like "T".

I'm also just fascinated by all your ideas developing on this blog. Amazing, my dear!

Fannie said...

Hi, Cindy, nice to hear from you. Yes, I'm exploring here and there and everywhere--master of none. ;-D Just having fun until I learn what my focus will be.

Glad you found the wonderful artists at IF. They're all very encouraging and are mega-talents--just like you.