Monday, March 24, 2008

Rainbow Fishes

Rainbow Fishes, Fabric Postcard, (4" x 6")
Licensed Designs Collection,
Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design
Jungle Songs #1, Collection #47831
Fannie Narte

When I was a young girl, I went fishing with my mother in the river, which was a short walk from our plantation home beside the sugar cane field. At the time, I was the only child, and it was my "job" to "harvest" the bait—earthworms! There were two types: the wiggly earthworms (the active ones), and the not-so wiggly ones (the passive ones). ;-D

The wiggly ones do not want to be touched, and they let you know by their frenzied dance. I had to gather a half-a-can of "Campbell's" soup worth of worms for our day of fishing. Poor earthworms.

After packing our lunches, my mom and I walked to the river with our bamboo poles and our can of worms. Once we got to the river, I left the fishing to my mom, preferring to play with the rainbow fishes, which were about an inch to two inches in length. They were easy to scoop up from the shallow waters with a Styrofoam cup. I tried to capture a mother and several baby fish to take home and place in my fish bowl.

Earthworms—yuk! Rainbow Fishes—pretty.

Do you have memories of rainbow fishes? Which do you think were the bait--the wiggly worms or the not-so wiggly worms?


Jacq said...

Your fish are really cute and your fishing story was so fun to read. Thanks for sharing.

Honor Bowden said...

Very pretty! I'm glad you created these and not the worms! ;-)

MargaretR said...

I love your rainbow fish and the story that goes with it. I used to go fishing in the boat with my father and he had a saucepan for emtying the water from the bottom of the boat. When he caught a fish he'd put them in the saucepan and I would play with them. I still remember the rough tongue of the fish under my finger.

Fannie said...

Glad you enjoyed my "fish story." Earthworms--yuk!

Fannie said...

Hi, Honor! Worms--now that's an idea. Earthworms may make a good illustration in a cartoonish way. If I feel inspired to draw them, I'll dedicate them to you. Ha, ha!

Fannie said...

Hi, Margaret! Thanks for sharing your fish memories. Love your blogs--inspiring.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie....the rainbow fish is lovely...I love it...and your cute story...

I remember once my brother and I were in a tournament to catch the biggest fish...he stood behind me on a little hill...when I cast in my fishing line the hook caught on his hood and his head...I pulled and pulled till I figured out what I our parents weren't laughing as hard as we were...

great post!!!


Paula Pertile said...

I love your rainbow fish Fannie.
I used to go fishing with my Dad and know all about the earthworms. YUK is right!!!!

Fannie said...

That's funny, Diana. I can understand your parents grief, though. Thanks for sharing your fish story.

You have experience with earthworms, too, Paula? Hmmmm, now how would "you" use earthworms in an illustration? ;-D