Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fabric Sketchbook

Fabric Sketchbook, (9" x 12")
Fannie Narte

This sketchbook is the project for Week 2 of SueB's online Journal Making class. It was constructed with two different Batik fabrics. Its edges were satin-stitched with earth tone variegated thread. The sketchbook's closure/button is a paper bead made by my friend Jacq Christensen. Thanks, Jacq!

This is what the inside looks like before adding the binder rings through the grommets, which will hold the drawing paper.

Here is a photograph that shows some of my favorite things in eight of the pockets sewn into the length of the sketchbook.

I've painted some papers with purple, gold and bronze watercolors that will go into the sketchbook along with drawing and watercolor papers.

What are your favorite things to carry in a sketchbook?


Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Fannie! I carry all sorts of things with mine. Like Micron pens, some of my favorite colored pencils, little pictures I've torn out of magazines, brochures, etc. for inspiration or ideas that I tuck between the pages for safe keeping. This is a beautiful sketchbook. You have been quite prolific lately!!!

Noel said...

What a beautiful sketch book Fannie. I love the fabric you used.
Your question - "What are your favorite things to carry in a sketchbook"? Well, I would love to carry a sketchbook if I knew how to draw....I have tried and tried but what's in my head never comes out on doodling even turns out ugle.
My Hubby will back me up....he use to encourage me to sketch but after seeing what I did he just got BIG eyes and said would you like me to tweek it for now I just tell him what idea I have in my head and he draws it perfect for me everytime.
I'm so envoius of people who can pick up a piece of paper and draw a beautiful something...just anything.
Thanks for sharing your work in progress!!

Hanna said...

You are making wonderful
things, I love to visit your blog,
all the best

Sue B said...

Another gorgeous journal Fannie!

Heather P said...

Beautiful, Fannie! I love your fabric choices.

In my sketchbook: graphite pencil, several colored pencils, several sticks of charcoal, an eraser, blending stub, pencil sharpener. I have most of it in a plastic pouch that I punched to fit the sketchbook. Also have a few paper towel sheets and some wash and dry packets in there -- I love to draw with charcoal but I tend to be messy.

Jacq said...

Your sketchbook is beautiful . This class is really fun and I love being able to see all the different things people of done. I think my brain is on overload.

Fannie said...

Hi, Cathie! Thanks for sharing your favorite sketchbook items! This kind of information helps with secret surprises. ;-D

Fannie said...

Hi, Noel! I felt like you did about my drawing skills. Then I found rubber stamping and experienced the feeling of success. I guess stamping and coloring in the images gave me confidence and acted as a bridge to where I am in my art today. I'm sure your hubby enjoys helping you.

Sending wishes that you'll see beauty in all your creations.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Hanna and Sue! I appreciate your encouragement.

Heather, thanks for sharing your sketchbook items. Paper towel and wash and dry--those are items I would need and didn't think about. Thanks.

Hi, Jacq. Thanks for the bead! It looks great on the sketchbook. What do you think? My brain exploded days ago. I'm on body overload now. ;-D

Jacky said...

I just visited Jacq's blog and saw her fabric journal too.... they are fantastic. I have never thought of taking an online class, but seeing what you girls have done I am seriously thinking about it!!!

Now what would I take in my folder...probably my watercolour crayons and some watercolour paper.

Fannie said...

Hi, Jacky! Welcome and thanks for visiting.

Online classes are great! Come join us. SueB will repeat this Journal Making class in June, and she also has another class coming up in May. Maybe I'll see you in the next class????

Thanks for sharing your favorite things in a sketchbook. What watercolor crayons do you use?