Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flower Fantasy

Flower Fantasy, Art Quilt, (6"x6")
Fannie Narte

This flower was painted using Neocolor II onto my favorite white cotton fabric with silver glitter specks. The silver glitter in the fabric adds sparkle to the piece and is enhanced further when the background stipple quilting using irridescent thread is added. I thread sketched the flower and leaves with black thread. The center of the flower was thread painted using three different spools of variegated threads. A ring of crocheted eyelash yarn was added for texture and interest. I'll add some Swarovski crystals to the center before sending it to my exchange partner.

Is this a daffodil? Is it a sunflower? It is whatever you say it is. Use your imagination. It's your fantasy.

My fantasy or dreams are to visit the gardens of Giverny and tour the museums and historical sites of Europe. What are your dreams?


morningDove said...

how about a daisy? could it be a daisy for my DIL? My dream is to visit China.

Forever Young said...

wowie, it's superb. i love daffs so am going to say its a daffodil.

Regina said...

My cue is the leaves, so I say sunflower.

I'd love to get back to Europe. #1 attraction is a dear friend I'd love to see in Germany.

This is very pretty, Fannie. I like the textured yarn.

Diana Evans said...

oh I love it...and to me it is a sunflower...I have this special thing about sunflowers and my first book...( a picture book I wrote and am illustrating ) is based on these magical flowers...

thanks for all the wonderful posts here ....what a treat!

Jacq said...

I'm with Regina, those look like sunflower leaves. Nice work.