Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Geometric Pear

Geometric Pear, ACEO, (2.5" x 3.5")
Fannie Narte

Here's another ACEO! This and yesterday's pear will be a part of my GIVEAWAY, which will be announced on Friday!

My studies of Egyptology has influenced this piece.

What influences your art?


Regina said...

I LOVE this pear! The geometric background plays off the organic shape of the pear so well.

Noel said...

Hi Fannie,
I'm always visiting your blog and usually don't leave a comment as your work is so ah inspiring. I look at your pieces of art and can't believe they are only 6x6 or in this case atch size....what you do with color, fabric and thread is just amazing.
One day I may just get to your level!


Noel said...

Hi Fannie,
I visit your blog often but don't usually leave comments....your works of art are awe inspiring!
It's so hard to believe that what you create using fabric, paint and thread are only 6x6 or in this case ATC!
This pear is so awesome looking...I really like the design in the background.
I will be checking back on Friday to see what surprise you have in store!!


Sherry said...

Fannie, another fine piece here. You most definitely inspire me. Hugs!

morningDove said...

The geometric pear is lovely. I really love the shapes. Today I am influenced by painful reminders in an altered book I am working on. It is bringing healing.

Jacq said...

Another beautiful pear!

Fannie said...

Thanks for your insight, Regina. I appreciate your visits.

Welcome, Noel. I'm glad you decided to leave your thoughts today. I appreciate knowing what you think. Okay, see you on Friday.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Sherry, Dove and Jacq! You're my unfailing cheerleaders. I appreciate all of you.

Dove, I'm sorry about your painful reminders. "Alter" those memories by having fun creating your art--"toss" those colors onto your canvas, "smoosh" it down, "slice" holes in it, "throw" embossing powders all over it, "shoot" it with a heat gun,. . . and voila--a beautiful creation that made you feel soooo good. Happy healing! I care.

StegArt said...

Love these pears!

Fannie said...

Thanks, Terri!