Monday, April 21, 2008

Gifts from Bunny

Bunny sent me these gifts last week. One is a bracelet with inspirational words, including "Imagine," "Create" and "Inspire," and the other is a bag of "Inspire" charms.

Bunny is a fellow art quilt donor and supporter of Ami Simms' "Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative." The sales of her art quilts earned $1225, more than her $1,000 Promise. Although Bunny doesn't have a blog . . . yet--hint, hint--she is one of my visitors who reads my blog regularly and prefers to communicate with me by e-mail instead of leaving comments on my blog, which is just fine. She is thoughtful and kind and has been showering me with words of encouragement and gifts since we met last year.

Bunny loves to sew and is an excellent seamstress. Here are some of her handmade gifts, which she's sent to me in past months:

A bag which arrived just in time for a cruise last November.

A mug holder.

A wallet.

Inside view of the wallet, which held a "lucky penny."

Bunny is talented and generous.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness and for sharing your heart with me, Bunny!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed because of acts of kindness and generosity, and joy fills your heart with so much gratitude, and you feel like weeping? I am blessed.


morningDove said...

I know that feeling of which you speak. WE are truly blessed. Your gifts are lovely and Bunny is a great friend.

Jacq said...

The blessings that Bunny has sent you are wonderful. I know another person, that I have found to be a kind, caring, generous and inspiring. I feel blessed to know you.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Dove and Jacq.