Monday, April 7, 2008

Hats, By Diana Evans

Hats, by Diana Evans, (8.5" x 11")
Limited Edition Print


Being surrounded by family and friends makes life exciting and happy. Photographs are a good substitution when family and friends do not live close by. Since I started blogging less than a year ago, I've made wonderful artist friends from all over the world. Thanks to the Internet, we are able to find like-minded people on a global basis.


I started my fine art collection last year during a cruise to Alaska buying my first paintings by Dorit Levi. Since then, I've added to my collection from many artists. I especially enjoy collecting ACEOs, but if I find a larger piece of art that has meaning to me, I will not hesitate to purchase it. I enjoy supporting friends by buying their art. Seeing these pieces each day reminds me of how "rich" I am.

"Hats," by Diana Evans

This colorful illustration by Diana and each unique hat reminds me of the many roles each of us have throughout different seasons in our lives. It also portrays the diverse personalities that make each of us distinctive. I'm sure Diana had different ideas when she created this illustration, but this is what it means to me and why I was drawn to it.

Diana is an accomplished artist and illustrator living in Ontario Canada with her son, Cole, and her husband, Brad. Her blog is filled with "happy" art. You can find her wonderful creations in her Etsy Store.

Right now I wear an artist's hat, a wife's hat, a mother's hat, a grandma's hat, a daughter's hat, a sister's hat, a friend's hat, a student's hat . . . Whoa! Those are a lot of hats!

What kind of hats do you wear?


rbaird said...

And you do so well in all of those hats Fannie!

Diana is a wonderful person and artist!

Fannie said...

Thanks, Roberta. Diana is a great person and artist, you're right. So are you!

Beth said...

Yes, it is alot of hats! But, all of those hats keep things interesting and colorful, right? I think I wear all the same hats as you do, except grandmother! I'm not there yet!

Sherry said...

Oh my Fannie, I just came over to catch up on your blog and see that you wrote about the same things I mentioned in mine this morning. What a weird feeling. Yes in many ways we are "like-minded" folks in one aspect or the other.

Fannie said...

Hi, Beth! Yes, those hats keep things interesting, colorful, and busy. You're young yet. When you become a grandmother, I'll celebrate with you!

Sherry, Hi! That's been happening to me a lot lately. We must all be on the same road. I'll pop by and see your post.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Heeeeeeey - did you steal MY hats ???(with the exception of the "grandma" hat - I don't have that one yet!!) Sounds like we shop at the same "hat store!"
XO I so enjoy your blog, Fannie.

Cindy said...

What a lovely piece that Diana has created.

My "mother" hat used to be my biggest most colorful hat. But now I'd have to say my "artist, creator" hat is the most fun, grandmother is the most dear, and friend hat the most colorful.

Your blog posts are always so thought provoking!

Diana Evans said...

Aloha Fannie...I am so touched by this sweet post...thank you for posting my art and a little about me...I have to say I feel the same way about the internet and the wonderful likeminded people we meet....

I never knew you enjoyed atc...great to hear!


Fannie said...

Hey, Cathie! Gotta run over to your blog. I was early yesterday.

You and Beth are young yet. Grandmother-hood is so fun. A different kind of fun than motherhood.

Fannie said...

Wow, Cindy. Your words are as expressive as your art. Beautiful descriptions of your hats.

Can you imagine if we were to illustrate or draw our different hats? What would they look like?!? Funny thought. Room for so much creativity! I think my artist hat would be a collage of paper, fabric, pieces of yarn--and gotta have those Swarovski crystals! ;-D

Fannie said...

Aloha, Diana. Thanks for giving me permission to post your wonderful art and links.

I do enjoy ATCs. It allows me to collect and display more art because of its size. I'm able to surround myself with beautiful art and friends. A nice combination.


Jacq said...

I like your post on hats and all the different ones you wear. I think it is a good thing to take note of is now and then. My maiden name was "Hatt" and my 88 year old mother collects hats for sewing room wall.

Fannie said...

Hi, Jacq. Thanks for sharing the interesting notes about your name and your mother. Your mother's wall must be colorful!

My mother weaves hats from "lauhala," leaves from the Pandanus tree, to earn extra income.

Fannie said...

I'm enjoying all of your comments about hats. Thank you all for sharing.