Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Heart Versus Head

Searching, Silk Painting, (8" diameter)
Fannie Narte

I've been reading books by Jeanne Carbonetti. One of them is "The Zen of Creative Painting." In this book, Jeanne states:

". . . until you're nonjudgmental with yourself, and playful, you can't be imaginative and exercise your ability to envision."

Jeanne also states that "playfulness is a powerful ingredient of creative painting." A painter who isn't afraid to experiment with different media and ideas and is willing to risk making mistakes will "find original forms of self-expression."

I'm willing to risk making lots of mistakes knowing that I will find original forms of self-expression. ;-D


I used Neocolor IIs on this silk fabric first, but the colors didn't blend well. So I added silk paints over the blended Neocolor IIs while it was still wet. The silk paints didn't spread like it normally does. I think it's because of the wax in the crayons. That was not necessarily a bad thing because I was able to control the silk paints somewhat.

I wonder if I can use Neocolor II instead of using a resist? I'll need to test this idea next time.

Just playing without judgment . . . and having fun.


morningDove said...

I see you have visited the "red planet" and taken a look at the sun. You may have discovered a resist in Neo. how interesting.

Wurzerl said...

Hi Fannie, thank you so much for visiting my blog and your commenting on it. My English isn' t good I hope it will be better soon.
I was looking your both very great blogs and find an interesting person with an intelligent wonderful way of art. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I come back soon to see more.
Have a great week
Wurzerl from Bavaria, Germany

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie.....I love it

This piece reminds me of a view up north in the autumn...when I look at the lake and the far off trees all in various autumnal shades and the blue water...wonderful work and I think special things happen when we least expect it...

nice work...I like that it brought back some great memories for me...


Regina said...

I am also curious about the results you will get trying the neocolor as a resist. Do you suppose the type of silk & weave will play into those results, too. I've got a nice piece of white silk waiting for me to play, but I was going to use Tsukineko All Purpose Inks on it. Have you tried them? I've used them on cotton & should post some of my results.

Fannie said...

Hi, Dove. I guess the wax in the crayons behaves like the wax in Batik fabrics. I'll have to play with it more to understand its effects with silk paints.

Wurzel, Welcome! There's so much eye candy on your blog. One can get lost in its contents. Each photograph seems to inspire some kind of art. I wish I had all of your photos as references for my art.

Wow, Diana. When I created this piece, I had no idea it might resemble a "real" place. I have enjoyed the process of creating this piece and marvel at the results and it effects on viewers like you.

Hi, Regina. Yes, the weave and type of silk does affect the type of medium used and its results. I look forward to seeing your art with those inks, which I haven't tried. I'll live vicariously through you. ;-o