Thursday, April 17, 2008

Imagine, Create, Inspire

Imagine, Create and Inspire, Watercolors, (8" x 11")
Fannie Narte

These are pages for yesterday's Sketchbook Journal.

I painted the 90 lb. watercolor paper with purple, gold and bronze watercolors. The words "Imagine," "Create," and "Inspire" were printed onto the watercolor papers using my inkjet printer. Using stencils, I applied pigment inks to the designs, added clear embossing powder, and heat set it with a heat gun.

This is a gift for a friend.

"S" is for ??? ;-D


morningDove said...

"S" is for me. Even if its not for me I still weep bc of who you are fannie. Ok the tears are flowing again. How unworthy to receive such a special gift. How did I get so busy that I missed your yesterday. What a beautiful piece of work and a treasure to behold and it has Jacq's workmanship on it too. oh wow, double wow!!

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie...these are them! and how did I miss your Fabric is amazing! you are so talented...

Jacq said...

What wonderful watercolors. They will make a lovely gift.

Regina said...

The sketchbook & papers are lovely. It would be so fun to play with you!

Noel said...

Fannie, whoever "S" is, will be one blessed person!!!
The pages are perfect for the sketchbook.

Ku'ulei said...

I love it too! I wondered how you got the bronze on there. I like the binding too.
"S" is for ME!? Hee-hee... I know...I try to claim it all! (I know I'm closer to this one than Ipo!) ;D

Fannie said...

Hi, Dove! Good guess.

Thanks, Diana!

I'm so glad I found SueB's classes through your blog, Jacq. Thanks!!!

Fannie said...

Regina, you can come over and play with me in my studio/kitchen anytime. ;-D

Thanks, Noel!

Fannie said...

Ku'ulei, Ku'ulei, Ku'ulei--sweetie. ;-D

"S" could be for you, couldn't it? But where's the pink and black? Or the fleur de lys?

Love you!

Sherry said...

These are really awesome Fannie. I've not tried pigment inks yet. What do you use?

Fannie said...

Hi, Sherry. I use ColorBox pigment inks by Clearsnap.