Monday, April 28, 2008

“Imagine”—Remembering "Daddy"

"Imagine," Collage, (8" x 10")
Fannie Narte

Preview Week

Today begins the preview of the 235 collages created by over 100 artists worldwide, which will be available for purchase on May 5 and 6, 2008. Collage Mania 2008 is organized and managed by Virginia Spiegel. Virginia explains:

"Preview Week is a great time to browse through the collages, make your shopping list, prepare an e-mail to send me and ask any questions you may have about Collage Mania and how to acquire the artwork. No alpha list for artists is provided in the hope you will see artwork by artists you may not have previously considered. Collages are in the approximate order in which they were submitted."

"Imagine" is listed on Page 10.


Virginia and her team of supporters organized Collage Mania 2008 to benefit The American Cancer Society. Virginia is also the founder of Fiberart For A Cause which has raised more than $150,000 for the American Cancer Society in the last two years.


Virginia provides detailed information about how to acquire a collage on the Collage Mania Site.

I hope you will consider acquiring "Imagine" or any of the many beautiful collages.


This is my father's favorite hat, which he wore almost every day, especially during his last years. It was crocheted by my mom.


My father left his family and home in the Philippines and boarded a ship to the Hawaiian islands when he was a teenager to work on the sugar plantation. He worked most of his life in the cane fields packing a heavy sack of fertilizer on his back and walked up and down the rows of newly-planted sugar cane to spread fertilizer by hand using a homemade spout he made from dried bamboo, which was attached in a crude way to the fertilizer sack.


Illocano was my father's first language and "pidgin"--a local language which uses a mixture of Hawaiian, Filipino, Portugese, Chinese, Japanese and English--was his second language, sort of. Communicating with my father was easy--I talked; he listened. He listened to me explain about my fears of the dark and the monster that lived under the bed, or how I felt that my friends were unfair in making me be "it" again in hide-and-seek, or talk about my dreams of someday becoming a ballerina. Most of the time he made guttural sounds just to let me know he was trying to understand, because I don't know that he really understood English that well. Our conversations were mostly one-sided.


Although he wasn't able to communicate with me through language, I always knew he loved me by his actions. He prepared my favorite foods. He let me buy my favorite candies when we went to the local store, and he always bought me my favorite sugar-coated popcorn whenever we went to the city. Notice there's a theme of "food" here. ;-D


It wasn't until I was older that I truly understood and appreciated the sacrifices he made for us, and the strength he had to leave his family and go to an unknown land across the seas. He did the best he knew how to take care of us. We didn't have much growing up, but my father gave up much and gave us all.


Daddy lived a long life. During the last years of his life, he suffered from lung cancer. My mom, my brothers and my sisters were there at his passing--I wasn't. They were able to say "goodbye."


I have memories of days with my Daddy, and I have his hat. I can "Imagine."



Beth said...

Fannie, These are very special memories for you. I'm sure those memories are comforting to you. Thank you for sharing them. It reminds us as to how special those memories can be.

Jacq said...

I loved reading the memories you have of your father, what a special person he was. I sure where ever his soul is, it is smiling at his daughter.

Tangled Threads said...

You have written a beautiful tribute to your father.

Sherry said...

The tears are rolling. Beautiful message Fannie.

Lisa M Griffin said...

this is just beautiful. not only the work but all the wonderful memories that you have shared here of your father and family. Thank you.

morningDove said...

I know it must be wonderful to have memories of someone who birthed you. You have shared them well and I love your father's hat.

rbaird said...

This is so beautiful Fannie. Thank you for sharing your loving memories of your father.
It makes me think of my dad, who is very sick and in a rest home and I am far away. I have and some of his wood working things he made.
Cherished memories.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie...

what an amazing post. I love that you shared all these wonderful memories of your Dad with all of us...I had to call my Dad right away to tell him how much I love him and what an important part of my life he is...

thank you for the daily have a wonderful gift...a heart of gold that gives and shares with the world...

Have a wonderful day


Forever Young said...

i am absolutely touched with a huge lump in my throat. i was also a 'daddy's girl' and my daddy died when i was only 34 (26 years ago) and he was sorely missed by us all.

Cindy said...

What a beautiful story about your Daddy. I was very touched to read it.

In my family, my Dad did all the talking and we listened. But I have come to learn, sadly, after he is gone how much he sacrificed for us. And how much he loved us.
I feel his presence often.

Regina said...

This is a splendid tribute. Thank you for sharing your heart so opennly.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Everyone! This was an emotional post to write, but I'm glad to share a "private" part of my life with friends who care.

Tangled Threads, would you like an ACEO? All I need is your mailing address.

Ku'ulei said...

This is beautiful journaling. I do recognize Grandpa's hat. I didn't know you had it.
I loved reading this mom. I love you and all YOU do for our family!

freebird said...

I love your story about your dad. I can feel the pain you have at not being with him when he died. I hope this art you did in his memory and writing his story helped to ease it.

My dad was special to me too. I made a beadjournalproject page to tell my story about him:

My dad was born in Hawaii in 1918 and my brother was born there in 1957.