Sunday, April 20, 2008


Fannie Narte

The recent rains and heavy winds did some damage to my Irises, but the colors are vibrant and beautiful. The form of these Irises are complex with many curves and details. I may sketch these flowers and create an art quilt using Neocolor II or design an applique pattern or . . . ? Simplifying the lines will be a challenge, but it should be fun. I think the colors in these Irises inspire me more than its shape.

Do colors or shapes inspire you?


Gayle said...

Colors and shapes both inspire me, but shape inspires me more. I can use a shape for inspiration and make it whatever color I like! Curves. It is all about curves for me.


Kate said...

Hmmmm...good question. I guess it depends on the subject matter and what media I plan to work with. With people or animals, it is mostly abour shape. But with children's book art, it is often color,....or BOTH?! Good question!

Jacq said...

Your flowers are wonderful and will be great inspiration. I love shapes but mostly I love the way nature puts colors together, always a little surprise.

Diana Evans said...

wow...these are wonderful...I love springtime and all the wonderful flowers that grow and inspire...

I am inspired by so many wonderful things...

Regina said...

I think TEXTURE inspires me most. It's so hard to verbalize my response to it. It may verge close to primal for me. Color is a close second. I am drawn to certain shapes, but they don't have the same emotional pull for me.
I love your questions, because they help me think about why I do what I do. Reading other replies and writing my own take the learning to another leve.
Thank you!

Fannie said...

I like curves too, Gayle. And I appreciate curves more now that I'm over "50." Ha, ha.

Hi, Kate. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Your responses made me think about these ideas:

Can colors exist without shape? If you drop some paint onto a surface, there is an assumed line around the perimeter of the color.

Can shape exist without colors? If you place a black line drawing onto a surface, the color of the surface is surrounded by the black line.

It looks to me like this is about "dependence." One needs the other. Just like people. ;-D

Thanks for making me think, Gayle and Diana.

Fannie said...

Oops, I meant to write, Gayle and "Kate." Sorry, Kate. I got lost in the response and was staring at Diana's "Hats" print hanging on my wall.

Time for a break, I guess.