Thursday, April 3, 2008

Merry Mouse

Merry Mouse, by Roberta Baird, (1.5" x .75")

Roberta Baird, an artist and neighbor from Texas recently had a giveaway on her blog. Three lucky people received one of her mice--I'm one of the three fortunate visitors to her blog. I named her "Merry," because she reminds me of the feeling of happiness.


I found Roberta, her blog, and her art through Illustration Friday. She focuses her art on children's illustrations, and she also creates wonderful soft toys, jewelry, trinkets and other gift items, which she sells on her Etsy Store: Picccolo Bella.


In the spirit of giving, the spirit of gratitude to all of you who visit my blog and leave uplifting and encouraging comments, and the spirit of pay it forward, I will have a giveaway soon. I'm not sure what I'll give away yet, but it will be special. Feel free to leave your ideas and suggestions in the comment module. I'll entertain all suggestions. ;-D

Thanks, Roberta, for sending me "Merry." She will keep me company in my studio while I create. Merry's getting ready for a portrait. The canvas is two-inches square. I thought this would give some perspective on her size. She's resting on a rock that is a Polynesian dance implement. Merry has come to a loving home filled with music and art. Thanks for your friendship, Roberta!

I am rich.


rbaird said...

Oh Fannie.. It was my pleasure to send you Merry. I love the name you've given her.
What you've written leaves me speechless... Your artwork is gorgeous and you have a heart of gold!
I've enjoyed getting to know you and hope we can continue becoming friends.

Fannie said...

Hi, Roberta! Yes, we will keep in touch. Merry is a happy mouse. Thanks, again!

Kate said...

Oh! Look at that! How sweet! Roberta is so talented!

Fannie said...

Roberta is talented, isn't she? So are YOU!

Jacq said...

"Merry" is so cute. It is always good to have a friend to keep you company.

Fannie said...

Hi, Jacq. Merry is not only cute, she's nonjudgmental! ;-D She likes everything I create.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie...what a great post...I am getting one of those too...I am rich!!!!!! I have to agree with Roberta that you have a heart of are truly a wonderful artist and friend...

Have a wonderful day!!!


Fannie said...

Hi, Diana. We both are fortunate, aren't we? I'm sure your mouse will enjoy eating cheese cupcakes at your home. ;-D

I am rich because of friends like you. I have found a great circle of friends through art and blogging, and I'm grateful, very grateful...RICHES beyond measure.