Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pansies and GIVEAWAY

I picked these from my garden. With all of the ice and severe thunderstorms we've been having lately, I wasn't sure they would survive, but they did! They're weathered, but strong, colorful and fragrant. I drew many sketches, which resulted in . . .

Two more ACEOs for tomorrow's GIVEAWAY!
Pansy 2, ACEO, (2.5" x 3.5")
Fannie Narte

Pansy 3, ACEO, (2.5" x 3.5")
Fannie Narte


I've enjoyed reading all of your wonderful thoughts about creating and what inspires your art. Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments and for playing in the GIVEAWAY. There's still time to play. Just leave a comment on yesterday's or today's post.


It seems that pansies are my new favorite images to create. Every pansy has five petals, but each is unique--as people are unique. Sketching these pansies over and over again helps me "get to know" their structure so when I go to the machine and thread sketch, I can create without the use of line drawings.

I still enjoy producing pears, trees and sunflowers, etc. However, summer is coming and that means the pansies won't survive the heat. So I'm taking advantage of photographing and sketching these beauties while the season allows it.


Balance results when two opposing forces meet. There is joy and sadness in life, good and bad. Life happens. These pansies symbolize the idea of "HOPE." Having weathered the storms, they are standing beautiful and strong. These are the thoughts I had while creating these pansy ACEOs.

Do you have favorite creative images? Do they have special meaning to you?


Tangled Threads said...

Flowers are my creative image I keep returning to, specifically sunflowers. They are fun to quilt, doodle and make me feel good. I might have to try pansies, though....

Jacq said...

Fannie, Your pansies are beautiful. In the Northwest we have winter and summer pansies. As the weather becomes warmer my winter pansies are dying, so now I will have to get some summer ones.

morningDove said...

good question, I will ponder that and see what I come up with. It's Sunday, lol 2:31am. Are you up yet?

Regina said...

I've been looking forward to my violas coming up (they're like miniature pansies) and I've been browsing my old pics thinking of making them the subject of my art. I'm glad you already have some beauties to share with us.

Fannie said...

Welcome, Tangled Threads. Doodling is fun, isn't it? I like sunflowers too. I think you'll enjoy pansies. You won't run out of variations--just like sunflowers. Have fun creating.

Fannie said...

Jacq. I'm going to have to check into summer pansies. It would be great if we can grow them here. In the summer, Texans turn to Petunias, which are beautiful flowers too. But I love pansies. Thanks for the info.

Fannie said...

You're funny, Dove. Why were you up so early? Working on a project, probably? ??? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the prompt.

Hi, Regina. I'm sure you'll create beautiful art with your photographs. I'll visit and see what those picture inspire in you. No doubt it will be great.

Regina said...

My beautiful Pansy arrived in this morning's mail.
THANK YOU! I'm just delighted to have your work in my hands.

Fannie said...

Thanks for letting me know it arrived safely. I hope you like it. Thanks, again, for playing.