Friday, April 11, 2008

Pansy and GIVEAWAY

Pansy, ACEO, (2.5" x 3.5")
Fannie Narte

This is my art for today, and it is also a part of today's GIVEAWAY.


I painted a 10" x 10" piece of my favorite white fabric with randomly-selected colors of Neocolor IIs. After blending it with water using my fan brush, and drying and heat setting it, I cut a piece from one of the corners to create this ACEO. I had no plans. I just knew I wanted to thread sketch some kind of image onto it.

I secured the fabric onto my Pellon base using a basting stitch--with a piece of batting in between--which I call "creating my canvas." In an attempt to discover the kind of image that I felt would look good on this piece, I turned the canvas vertically, horizontally, this way and that way, to determine if I should create a landscape, a still life--or another pear. ;-D

The bright yellow color on this canvas reminds me of a yellow pansy I have in a vase near my work area. I made a quick line drawing of the pansy onto a piece of paper towel that I used while painting this fabric--hey, it was handy.

Continuing in the spirit of spontaneity--the dictionary defines "spontaneity" as "artlessness"--I thread sketched this pansy with black thread using my sketch as a reference.

There is a sense of freedom and elements of excitement and surprise when creating art intuitively. Taking a side road from structure and planned art from time to time may reveal a different kind of art that you may not have discovered otherwise.

Allow yourself the freedom of discovery by playing.


I'm giving away this journal and these three ACEOs to four visitors.


In the spirit of "pay it forward," because I won one of Roberta's mice from her recent blog giveaway, and

In the spirit of "playing" and expressing gratitude. I want to let you know how much I appreciate your visits and comments. What began as a place to journal and leave a legacy for my family became a conduit to self-discovery, exploration, fulfillment and most important--a treasure of worldwide friendships.


Leave a comment on this post anytime between now and Sunday. If you need a prompt, share your thoughts about your art, your inspiration for your art, or your definition of art.


Winners will be selected by a "hat" drawing. Names will be placed in a "hat" and four names will be drawn, probably with the help of my grandson, Mason.


On Sunday, April 13.

What inspires your art? What is your definition of art?


Sherry said...

Fannie, all of your work is beautiful. I'm amazed at your perfect, tight satin stitches on the edges of your work. As always, your art inspired me and reading your techniques have been a great help in my journey. Thanks for being here and sharing your work and ideas.

morningDove said...

oh draw me, draw me. I love it, i love it. I'm jumping up and down like a bunny, ok an excited little child. I like your spontaneity.

morningDove said...

you can delete this after reading it. BUT can I talk to Mason, hehehe, nothing like stacking the deck or so they say.

Gayle said...

Other artists (like you) inspire me to try new techniques. But the art itself, the vision, comes from within. Usually as a reaction to an event, or nature, or people. I try to express what I feel, and what others feel. Not that I am always successful, but the journey is always fun!

Thanks for sharing so much with us. I am a regular reader of your blog.


Heather P said...

Fannie, your work is fantastic! I always enjoy visiting your blog.

My art is usually inspired by color. When I feel blah, I start pulling fabrics out of bins and playing with colors. Subdued or bright, color usually makes me happy.

rbaird said...

Fannie, you are a treaure! I'm so glad to have met you!

Beth said...

How fun is this?! Fannie you are an inspiration for many because you are so creative and giving. But on a daily basis, my students inspire me. Because their creativity is so innocent and usually unblemished, I love to see their excitement, which in turn excites me!

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie...

these are all wonderful pieces and whomever the lucky winner is....they will be the luckiest people ever...your work is wonderful and to have it as daily inspiration is an amazing gift....

My art is all over the place...from painting to illustrating to carving wood stumps with a chain inspiration is life itself and the constant need to create things...I feel that art is something that I will leave behind even when I am gone someone somewhere will enjoy it and wonder who created it....Art to me is leaving a mark in the world...

Have a wonderful day !!! and weekend


Jacq said...

I think the shapes and colors of nature and how they are put together are what inspires my art. How I interpet what I see is how I would define my art.

Stephanie Pettengell said...

The world and the people in it are an inspiration to all but some are extra special, the giving ones. Fannie you are one of them, you were so encouraging to me when I first 'met' you and so giving in your support. And by the look of the comments here I am not the only one that thinks so. You are one of the special ones. Thanks Fannie.

Regina said...

I love working spontaneously & intuitively. I've had the most postitive responses to works that came from that part of my brain. I think your willingness to work intuitively is what makes your work exciting & your blog such a fun place of discovery.
Inspiration can come from anywhere for me. But if I want to "make art" and I'm not feeling inspired, I just grab something - a pencil, a sharpie, some paint and just make a mark on paper. Oh, the places I go... or not. But I always discover something.
Thanks for all the inspiration!

kiwicarole said...

Hi Fannie, I don't know how you can bare to part with any of these, but I would look after one very carefully if I won it! Lol! :) Carole

Noel said...

Oh I just love giveaways! These are soem awesome pieces of art Fannie...anyone of us would be lucky to win!

What inspires me....well, it can be a thought, a picture, nature but most of all, I get inspired by other artists. That's what I love about blogging....there's so much art at your finger tips!

My definition of art is anything created with your hands and/or words that are encouraging and inspiring to other people!

Thanks Fannie....I hope I'm one of the lucky four....hehehe!


Anonymous said...

Artful Engagement -
I use my art making to engage with and explore my inner and outer worlds and the worlds between my self and others.
Art making is healing for the soul.

Fannie said...

Thanks to all of you for leaving your thoughtful insights about art and the things that inspire your creativity. Your words offer inspiration to all who read it--especially me.

I appreciate your friendships.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh darn! A day late and a dollar short - as my mom would say.
What a GORGEOUS journal Fannie. I love the color, the button, it is stunning.

And your pears, even my daughter, Sabrina is in love with your pears. She painted a watercolor pair with a heart in it last week and when I saw it I immediately recognized it and she said, I saw something like this on Fannie's Blog!!! Only YOU could make pears such a work of art.
Have a wonderful Sunday with your precious family.

Fannie said...

Hi, Cathie! Nice to see you.

I'm glad my art inspired Sabrina. What a lovely compliment. She sounds like she enjoys art and the two of you must have fun creating together. Maybe the two of you can collaborate on a piece. Wouldn't that be fun?

Hope you had a nice weekend. Have a creative week!