Monday, April 14, 2008

Siren, by Honor Bowden

Siren, by Honor Bowden, (7.5" x 9.5")

Honor is an excellent artist and illustrator working on the "sunny, Gold Coast, Australia. She has established her own Design and Illustration company whose priority is to fuse an understanding of consumer psychology and design to develop a visual style for clients."

"Siren" is one of her many beautiful works available at her Etsy store. Honor's use of simple lines and limited colors is uniquely her style. For me, art is an emotional experience, and everyone has their own interpretation of their visual experience.


The vertical line of circles which begin at her lips and gradually increase in size as it moves towards the crown of her head and connects to the many sections of shades of blue, green and white on her head seems to suggest the "speaking of the mind." I imagine the different sections of color represents the many thoughts and ideas in one's mind. Honor's use of cool colors seems to bring a sense of peace and calm to the experience.


Honor describes "Siren" as a "deadly seductress of the sea."

My interpretation is totally different from Honor's. I learned of her description only when doing the research for this article. If I read Honor's description of "Siren" and studied this piece from her creative point of view, would I have ventured into my own interpretation of this piece, I wonder. Maybe. I would like to think I would.

Reading Honor's description after having a personal visual experience has given me a greater sense of appreciation for this piece. Honor is successful in portraying a "seductress" and yet, the viewer is allowed to personalize his or her own experience. Honor has the ability to present her work, but not force her ideas on viewers. That is one of the qualities I like about all of her beautiful artwork.

I'm honored to have this print in my collection. Thanks, Honor!

What do you see in "Siren"?


Regina said...

We're working on taxes, so the artistic side of my brain had to come here for a "fix".
I'm seeing a creative woman, fond of water - hmmm, this could be me. All those swirls are like ideas and snippets of color that float around in my head.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie...

wonderful post...Honor is a great artist and illustrator...her work is very unique and me this print is all about emotion and taking it all in...the cool colours evoke a calm sense of well being....

Have a wonderful day!


morningDove said...

thinking of the Alzheimers work, I see a brain and traces of some kind of dark activity not that she is filled with darkness. She has resigned herself to the illness and her life. The markings underneath her eye remind me of a tear as it falls away; its getting bigger, building as more fall behind the first. Its very subtle this sadness she feels and yet it seems to be a blessing amidst all of her life activities. That's what I see.

Joanna van said...

Fanny this is just beautiful. I agree it is very "calming". The blue tones really suggest a sense of piece to me. Also, because she is looking down, it feels to me like she is very humble.

Fannie said...

Hi, Joanna. I agree with you. Her perceived humility is what got my attention when I first saw this image. Then I got lost in "her thoughts." She is beautiful, isn't she?

Fannie said...

Hi, Dove. Form is what we visualize or see; content is our interpretation of what we see. You have successfully combined these elements in your description of "Siren." Well done.

Fannie said...

Diana, thanks for sharing your insights into "Siren." I enjoy knowing how people "see" a piece of artwork. I agree that this piece evokes emotions. Honor is a great artist, just as you are too.

Fannie said...

Regina, I hope you were able to get your "fix" here. ;-D

I appreciate knowing your ideas of "Siren." Art interpretation is an activity where everyone is right and no one is wrong; isn't that wonderful?

Taking the time to see and communicate our perceptions is a helpful exercise that refines our artist's senses. Isn't that another wonderful reality?