Thursday, May 22, 2008


Create, Coaster, (4.25" x 4.25"")
Fannie Narte



When I saw this glass candle holder at my local dollar store, I saw it as a frame for one of my art quilts. After tossing around a few ideas, I also saw it as a coaster. The size of the circular indentation in the candle holder, which was meant to hold a large candle, fits a mug perfectly.

The pattern for the art quilt/coaster was made by placing a piece of paper in the recessed area of the candle holder and making an impression of the perimeter of its opening.

Using my Neocolor IIs, I created this art quilt to the size of my pattern. The word "Create" was free-motion embroidered, and the background was quilted using irridescent thread.

After finishing the edges with zig zag stitching, I popped the coaster into the recessed area of the candle holder, and voila--a personalized coaster!

The coaster was created to fit snugly into the candle holder. If I were not going to change the coasters (for variety), I probably would seal the back of the coaster with a piece of cork--a piece of felt would work too.

Then Sit Back and

. . . and maybe visit your friends' blogs to see what they're creating and say "Hi."

What other uses do you see for this candle holder?


Regina said...

Fannie, you are like a fountain of ideas! This is a great idea and very pretty, too.

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a great idea! This looks fantastic, the colors and the embroidery is a so pretty. I also just went out for the mail and rec'd your cards. They are incredible. The birdhouse is just breathtaking in color, I need to find a very special way to display it. And the cards you created for the children are so sweet and fun. Alyssa is going to be so excited to get off the bus and find your surpirse. Thank you so much for sending all these lovely little pieces of you! =)

morningDove said...

I found smaller ones at Big Lots and used them for paper weights. Cut pics of my son and dil placed inside, filled with utee and placed a daisy in the utee while liquid. I used them for center piece gifts to her wedding party when we did rehearsal dinner.

TracyB said...

Absolutely LOVE the coaster!! What a GREAT idea!! The colors are gorgeous.

Melinda Cornish said...

What a great idea and how clever are you? this is really pretty! Melinda

Guzzisue said...

brilliant idea!!

Jacq said...

Very nice!

Heather P said...

Fannie, you are so creative! I love it -- it will be a joy to use!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

You are amazing! I love your coaster and your creative eye and talents!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
:) Melissa & Emmitt

quiltcrazygal said...

Fannie, your creations are just breathtaking. You have been really busy also! I love the "Quilter's Journal" it is so fun. The faith, courage and joy is so inspirational. I love the dried flowers! And the coasters are cool! You are a very talented artist! It means a lot to me when you compliment my work:) Have a great weekend! Jenna Louise

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hot coaster Fannie! Love it.

Diana Evans said...

wow...amazing coaster.....I just love all of your work...

Noel said...

Fannie, it's been awhile...I'm enjoying all your latest creative works of art.
What a cleaver coaster idea and I like what Dove did for her sons wedding rehearsal. Very cleaver indead....always thinking up something new!


Fannie said...

Oh, my . . . I'm sorry for not responding to your comments. Completely missed this one.

Nice to see you, Regina. What have you been up to?

Lisa, I'm glad you received the ATCs. Just trying to help you encourage creating with Alyssa. Hope she likes it. Thank you for my ATC. I love it.

Dove, you are creative and clever. I'm sure those centerpieces were beautiful and added to your special celebration. I went back for more candle dishes--they were "all gone"! ;-<

Tracy, Melinda and Guzzisue--thanks for your sweet comments. What would you create with this candle dish? So many different artists equals many different ideas. . . . thanks for looking.

Jacq, Heather, and Melissa, thanks for your visits. It is a joy to use, and my husband has "requested" a coaster in bright sunny colors with the word "inspire." Funny . . . and my grandchildren use it for their "sippy" cups. ;-D

Hi, Jenna. Thanks for your comments. It's easy to compliment your work--they're all wonderful. Keep creating and sharing. I love to see your art.

Thanks, Cathie. I see you have a new photo. Cute.

Thanks, Diana. I can see one of your sweet ladies or cupcakes in this coaster--what do you see?

Noel, thanks for visiting. Dove is clever, isn't she? She's so talented, and she doesn't even recognize it. Shhhh--it's not polite to talk about people. Dove, you're very talented. ;-D Thanks, Noel.