Sunday, May 4, 2008


"Embrace," Collage, (6" x 6")
Fannie Narte

Embrace . . . diversity, traditions, heritage, education, family, love, forgiveness, imagination, artistic expressions . . . .


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY for Virginia Spiegel and her long-awaited Collage Mania fundraiser. View the 235 art pieces and visually study the different techniques which artists from around the world used to create these original collages at the Collage Mania Website. All the unique pieces will be available for purchase tomorrow beginning at 9a.m. CST.

Here are some of my favorites and links to their collages:

Enjoy the eye candy and inspiration from each piece.

This LINK will take you to Virginia's blog where she answers some questions about Collage Mania.

What do you embrace?


Lisa M Griffin said...

Lovley work, the muted colors and the graceful hands form a wonderful composition. Good luck with Collage Mania!

freebird said...

I embrace the same things as you have listed. If the whole world did we'd do pretty well indeed!

Great collage. I like hands lately. I am off to see the site you mentioned.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie...

wonderful are so talented and I am thrilled that I have met you...

I embrace life and every little wonder that crosses my path each and every day...I embrace being a Mom and place my heart and soul into it each and every day...

I embrace love and great friendships with open arms...

thanks for the wonderful post!


Fannie said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Great to see you, Freebird! Great things can be accomplished one person at a time--true.

Diana, I've come to know your excitement for life in all you do, loving the people in your life, creating and sharing your art, discovering new things . . . glad to know you too!