Friday, May 16, 2008

Sewer's Journal

Sewer's Journal, Mixed Media, (5.73" x 8.75")
Fannie Narte

This journal is the result of Lesson 1 of SueB's Mixed Media for the Fiber Artist online class. Again, my project is a bit off course from her instructions. Instead of black wool, I used handmade black fabric paper. Instead of creating signatures, my journal is secured using my new toy: Bind-it-All made by Zuttter Products, which I purchased from Joggles. It's a light-weight but heavy-duty machine, and it's easy to use.

The cover was made by fusing dress pattern tissue to muslin, which were then cut into pieces, reassembled onto black fabric paper, and stitched with black thread.

This is the inside of the journal. I fused a piece of fabric to the inside of the cover. There are 50 Kraft (brown) blank sheets in this journal. I'll probably use my printer to personalize the pages of my next journal.

I have a lot more catching up to do with my online classes. Gotta get busy.

Have a great weekend.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Fannie - this is too cool. Love the pattern on the front and your new little toy -- what a nifty splurge! Enjoy!

rbaird said...

This is wonderful. You have such variety in your mediums Fannie.

Jacq said...

Your journal looks great. Your new toy looks like it will be very handy.

Sue B said...

Looks great Fannie! Great idea to use the bind-it-all.

morningDove said...

I've seen the Binder tool. You are a wealth of info so question? do you think the kraft brown paper is the best to use when making journals?

Fannie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Everyone! I appreciate your comments.

Dove,I don't think that kraft brown paper is the best--it is just a choice and my favorite. I happen to have a ream of it, which was left over from a previous project. I like the vintage look it gives when adding black printing on it. I also have lots of rose-colored paper, which I'll use in journals too.

freebird said...

Your journal looks great - almost like leather, at least in the picture. That binder tool looks like a great tool!
I just made a book for my daughter using notebook paper (cut down to size) from her last year in high school which was 1994. She likes to write more than draw.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Fannie!
Your projects are wonderful. I love that you can work in so many mediums and classes at once. You are amazing and inspiring!

ScaryCheri said...

yes, I agree, you are amazing. Love the black on brown on this cover. How stunning. I have been reading tons on bindings(amazing how many different ways there are) and am going to try one some day but gotta love that Bind it all.

Regina said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful book. I have a dandy stash of patterns & maybe I can try a variation of your idea one day.