Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Shifted, Colored Pencils on Pastelbord, (6" x 18")
Fannie Narte

"Shifted" was started in July of last year, and I set it aside sometime in October because I was feeling insecure about my colored pencil drawing skills. I'm still learning and working my way through this medium, but I finally completed it today. I would normally post this to my other blog, but decided to post it here instead.

This is what I wrote when I posted this work-in-progress in a previous post:

"Ironically, this piece portrays the idea of the "shift" that one makes each day. Each cup represents a period of time in one's life when an idea or belief was "shifted" or "changed." The kukui nut lei is symbolic of the "beauty" or "lessons" that spill from one's experiences and flow into the lives of others.

"One of the lessons of this piece is how to overcome doubt, and its resulting paralysis. I need to silence the noise in my head and work on this piece. It feels almost like writer's block--staring at a blank page. I need to make a shift."

I think I made the shift. What do you think?


morningDove said...

oh fannie: i can't even imagine attempting a piece like this. very beautiful, love the shadows of the nuts on the cups. I believe you have shifted into gear, that is if you were ever idle which I don't believe you were.

Jacq said...

Your colored pencil drawing is beautiful. At first I thought it might be a photograph. Your work is amazing.

freebird said...

It's terrific. I'd say you have colored pencil down pretty well. You should see mine! Lol.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Oh Fannie boy did I need to read this post today! Thank you so much for the lovely sketch that you have created and shared as well as the idea behind it. You are so accurate in saying how doubt can truly cripple an artists progress. I love the piece and think you are working through this medium wonderfully.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Oh my goodness Fannie!
It is breathtaking! WoW!
I absolutely love it and your process, words and shift. You inspire me!

Forever Young said...

omg i didn't think this was a real drawing, you have definitely made ths shift and more. hugs.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Everyone! Happy Creating! Thanks for the encouragement.