Sunday, May 18, 2008

Torn Squares Background

Torn Squares Background, (5.75" x 8.75")
Fannie Narte

"Torn Squares Background" was made out of seven different sheets of scrapbook papers. This is one of three different backgrounds from Lesson 3 of Terri's "Paper Quilting Explorations" online class. Terri included instructions for three different projects for each of the backgrounds. She recommended making a paper vase with this "Torn Squares Background." However, I've chosen to use this background as a cover for a journal. I may add an embellishment, such as a charm or ATC, or a title, such as "Journal" or "Imagine, Create, Inspire" to the cover before binding it . . . ???

Tomorrow is the last lesson in Terri's class.

What would you add to the cover of your journal--embellishment, title or something else?


StegArt said...

Your torn squares background looks great Fannie! I look forward to seeing your finished journal.

ScaryCheri said...

oh Fannie, how lovely. That class looks so cool. I am going to have to check goggles again soon. Since we don't get classes out in the sticks in ND, lol. I am looking forward to seeing more results. Thanks for the comment on my postcard. I am working on it again this morning before the grandkids wake up and attack me, lol. We had a sleep over at Nanna Cheri's house last night. They are sleeping in late, must have worn them out at the park yesterday. Hugz, Scary

ScaryCheri said...

ugh just realized in one of these posts I referred to joggles as goggles, lol. Sorry, jeesh. Where at in TX are you? we get down to Houston and Dallas almost every week in the truck.

Jacq said...

Your paper quilt looks great, I think it would work very nicely as a journal cover.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
I love your torn square background. your journal is going to be amazing! i cannot wait to see it!

Forever Young said...

certainly unusual, like the colours a lot.

freebird said...

I see no one has answered your question. I have made one art journal and decorated the front with the word "journal" and a copper wire heart in a slide frame embellishment. It just looked right with both of those. I laid different things on top of the cover until I liked what I saw.

Yours looks nice with just the embellishment. You can see what I did here

Fannie said...

Thanks, Terri!

Hi, Scary. I hope you were able to get some time with your art before creating memories with your grandkids. ;-D Don't worry about the joggles/goggles. I make many typos too. We belong to the same club. ;-D Where in Texas? e-mail me and I'll tell you

Thanks, Jacq, Melissa and FY. Nice to see ya'll.

Hi, Freebird. Thanks for the link to your journal--it's wonderful! Nice embellishments. Thanks for sharing.