Friday, June 13, 2008

Beauty is a Reflection of the Heart

Beauty is a Reflection of the Heart, Art Quilt, (6" x 6")
Fannie Narte


Is beauty defined by one's appearance? Yes. I think a person's appearance is one version of the world's definition of "beauty." But how would "you" define beauty?

I believe an important definition of beauty is found in one's heart—how a person behaves. One's behavior defines his or her character, which in turn influences another's perception of that person.

What does your heart look like to others? More importantly, what does your heart look like to you?

"Beauty is a Reflection of the Heart"

I wanted to portray several ideas in this piece, mainly the perceptions of inner beauty versus outer beauty. If you look closely at this art quilt, you'll see the blue and white printed fabric peeking through the Neocolors that were applied to create this magnolias piece. This conveys the idea that who we are on the inside is reflected on our outsides.

The black thread sketching, which borders the flowers and leaves, portrays the boundaries we set for ourselves, the choices we make that define who we are, consciously or subconsciously. Black lines connect the images to each other throughout the piece. This symbolizes our connection to each other and to the world.

Almost all of my pieces have elements of "shine." This symbolizes the idea that we influence others through our interactions.

Two pearls and a Swarovski crystal embellish the center or heart of three of the magnolias. This portrays the idea that in my definition of beauty, the heart—not our size, not our financial situation, not our wrinkles, not our inability to sing—is most important.

The definition of beauty is found in one's heart . . . . That's where pure love lives.


This quilt will be donated to AAQI to help raise funds in support of Alzheimer's research. It is dedicated to Nancy and her friend, Maureen. Maureen died from Alzheimer's disease.

How do you define beauty?


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Fannie!
I love your quilt!
I have added your Etsy shop to my blog roll! How exciting!
:) Melissa

Forever Young said...

i really like the way you make us think about things..... for me beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, what one person finds beautiful another doesn't. beauty must be natural to me...nothing artificial.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Just lovely. I will be sure to check out your Etsy shop when I have more time. Beautiful and thoughtful post.

StegArt said...

Very lovely!