Monday, June 23, 2008


Choices, Mixed Media, Mat Board, (8" x 10")
Fannie Narte


These four birds represent some of the attitudes one can have about making choices. Two blue birds sit on arrows pointing to the right--symbolizing the "right" way or the path to enlightenment. One bird sits on an arrow pointing to the left--symbolizing the "wrong" way or the path to destruction. A purple bird sits on top of the post, the highest position--symbolizing "wisdom." He faces the right way, and he is ready to soar in that direction.


The blue bird that sits on the lowest arrow is headed in the right direction, but he looks back and sees things he doesn't want to leave behind. This symbolizes the appetites, passions and weaknesses that may prevent us from making good choices and, therefore, inhibit our growth. This bird wants to make good choices, but tends to follow the crowd.


The next blue bird that sits on the middle arrow--which faces to the left--looks in the right direction, and is ready to fly upward and forward. Bad influences do not deter him from choosing the right way. He has his own mind and makes his own choices.


The third blue bird is facing the right way, but he is sleeping. He is in no hurry to go anywhere or do anything. He's contented just being who he is and where he is. He doesn't like changes. He is contented with having the "appearance" of the right way.


The purple bird symbolizes one who is fearless, is an independent thinker, and is eager to move forward and upward. He is not perfect. He has made many mistakes, but he has learned from them and is resilient. He seeks truth, and he is an achiever. He sits at the top and encourages the blue birds below him to fly with him.


These are only a few of the many different attitudes one has in making choices. In interpreting this piece and for illustrative purposes only, I used the idea of making one choice over another choice--a good choice versus a bad choice. This does not mean that there are only two options to making choices. Sometimes one has the option to choose between two good choices--neither one being bad. While this piece explores two basic choices, the "how" one chooses and the "why" one chooses are matters of personal preferences.


I have been every one of these birds at one time or another. My desire is to be more like the purple bird.

Which bird are you? Whichever one you are, follow your heart.


Diana Evans said...

wonderful piece many choices ...and we have to just go with our hearts...

I am loving all your work these are really having fun...I can tell...

Cindy said...

Oh...this is absoluting charming and beautiful.

I love the narrative that goes with it.

I think I have been all birds at one time or another. I hope I have left the "left" bird behind (hmmm....interesting use of "left").

I mostly focus on the top 3 right facing birds. Sometimes sleeping however, sometimes ready to soar, and other times soaring!

Thanks for such a lovely post.

morningDove said...

I must say fannie the bird that attracted me the most was the bottom bird. I truly didn't notice him facing backwards as much as the shape of the bird and his eye seemed to be the most gentle. My interpretation of this bird is: he looks back with tenderness to the ones following him. Oh I realize its a "her", momma bird and shes leading her chicklets on. Just like you my friend; we're following you.

Fannie said...

Hi, Diana. Yes, follow our hearts. And ... yes, having so much fun. I think I've found a mixed media style that excites me. Feels really good. I think I may know how you feel about your art now, ... maybe. ;-D

Hi, Cindy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great insights. Regarding symbolism of "left"--it is for illustrative purposes for this piece only. Right and left could be interpreted in so many ways--republican, democrat; male, female; dog, cat. I choose a common comparison: good vs. evil.

Great interpretation, Dove. Your generous nature shines through your insight into that bird. There are so many ways of "seeing" the same image. Thanks for sharing your view. I can see how you saw what you did. I think how we see is one of the many ways our hearts are revealed. What do you think?

ScaryCheri said...

o0h Fannie, how inciteful this piece is. I adore the thoughts that went into it. Wonderful!!!!!Great big Scary Hugz to you. Scary

Beth said...

Beautiful illustration and I love your interpretation! Some of us have to go through all of those 'stages' at some point! Some lucky ones are full of wisdom from the beginning. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Jacq said...

Your birds are great. At one time or another I have been one or more of your birds. Being a follower at times helps me to be better at the other three.

Roberta said...

Fannie this is fabulous!!
Wow... you could take this and run with it!
The sentiment and everything...amazing.

Sherry said...

This is absolutely wonderful!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Fannie!
I love how you are so insightful and eloquent in your offering and creating of your art. It really touches my heart. I love seeing your art and hearing your thoughts everyday.

Scrappy Cat said...

What a beautiful piece - and so much heart in it. I love your interpretations of the birds too. I know that I have been all of the birds at one time or another, but I think I am most like the independent thinker. I certainly try not to be afraid of change, but there are times when I am. And as for wisdom? who knows. I hope I have it sometimes.

Ku'ulei said...

I like the piece as much as your interpretation! It turned out so nice. I like your techniques too. Kind of like using what you got to make some thing even greater. Nice!

Tremayne said...

Your best so far. I'm fortunate. I get to witness the process as each work of art begins as a thought and then to see it manifested in its final form. H

Lisa M Griffin said...

This is one of the most inspirational and thought provoking posts yet... I want to be that purple bird! But like you mentioned, I think I would be a purple bird with some blue feathers. Lovely piece - one that challenges the viewer to really think about his/her direction in life. Thanks for sharing.