Friday, June 20, 2008


Essence, Mixed Media, (8" x 8")
Fannie Narte

My new website's Home Page needs an image. Should I create a collage of my artwork or use one of my fabric heart quilts? I couldn't decide; I'm still undecided. So I thought I'd play with variations of my banner's image, which was created by Honor.

"Essence" is the result of my day of play. I carried the images to all four sides of the canvas. The plumeria flowers are made out of fabric paper, and the musical notes were painted on printed stationery. I tried to keep the "essence" of my banner's image without creating an exact copy of it, which was difficult. I applied techniques I learned from an online class by Paulette Insall titled "Organic Dimensions."

I'll keep playing until I create something I really like.

View of right side.

View of top and left side.

How would you define "essence"?


Grooveycrafts said...

Essence I always think of sweet smells, relaxing and calm.

I think you should use your items that you've created as the base of your website as it will show people what you can make before they even start looking... it will definately get them to stop and take a look.

Where as with a plain background and a simple banner for a website will make them think it is just like any other website and move on.

Kuuipo said...

It looks great! Looks good w/the extra plumeria's to see the "behind the scenes" of an artist at work ;)

Fannie said...

Hi, Grooveycrafts! Welcome, and thanks for including me in your Etsy Treasury. I'll post an article about that soon. Your made my first day on Etsy extra special.

Hi, Kpo! Yes, you had a private showing and discussion into the artist's mind--oh, are we talking about art . . . ? ;-D ~4-3~M

Fannie said...

Grooveycrafts, thanks for responding to my prompt. I enjoy reading other's comments to my prompt because it gives me insight into ideas that exist outside of my realm, and it makes me ponder my own ideas, and sometimes . . . my ideas change. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I'm leaning towards a collage. Thanks for your vote.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi fannie
i love the piece you created today.
it is beautiful. you are so talented and intuitive, if you feel it is the right piece it is perfect. you can also keep changing things as you make new pieces. i always enjoy seeing new things when i visit websites.

morningDove said...

Your piece is full of essence. Which for me means "substance". Much is there for me to ponder. Many women hide behind so many different things, who they are (mother, wife, daughter)(forced by circumstances to hide behind facial covering) or what they do. Do we know many times who that person really is? Essence - your very being.

Jacq said...

I like this piece, like the earlier piece I feel your "essence". It feels very creative, gentle and beautiful.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Wow Fannie - this is so pretty - it looks just like YOU. A self protrait maybe??

Ku'ulei said...

I love your new banner!!
This is a nice piece. This is beautiful! Me LIKEY...! *wink, wink*

Diana Evans said...

oh I love have I missed so many posts here...wonderful work...

Ku'ulei said...

I STILL LOVE this piece. Looks even more beautiful in person! *wink, wink*