Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fan-C Bear

Fan-C Bear, (Height: 11.5")
Fannie Narte

In October of last year, I published a blog post, "Bear Hugs," which was the debut of the 15.5" version of Fan-C Bear. I designed this bear for quick and easy sewing--only four pattern pieces--and room for creative embellishments. These bears can be produced quickly without looking like it was a quick project. My original concept was to produce a large amount of huggable bears for needy children or distribution to shelters or hospitals.


This photograph shows the "raw" form of the bear with only a ribbon embellishment. Eyes and a nose could easily be added. Soft sculpture techniques could be used to emphasize its paws and feet or face. This 11.5" bear pattern was produced at the request of one of my friends who was a test sewer for the original "Bear Hugs" pattern. A great suggestion!


This bear is like a blank canvas ready for one's creative touches. Fan-C bear was made from an old quilt. Some of the other fabrics I've used to produce these bears are fleece (makes them soft and cuddly), leftover quilt blocks, terry cloth, muslin, cotton fabrics . . . the fabric choices are endless.


A muslin bear could be used as a memory bear for attendees at a children's birthday party or baby showers to sign, sort of like a huggable guest book. ;-D Embellish these bears with your favorite medium: crazy quilting, beads, textile paints, etc.


The bear can be dressed up. Sew a pocket to his belly and tuck a gift inside. Sew a few frayed square patches in random areas for a country look. Dress them up as characters: a ballerina bear with a tutu, a country bear with a cowboy hat, a vest and boots. Or simply tie a ribbon around its neck.


This pattern and the pattern for the larger 15.5" size will be available in my Etsy shop soon.

How would you embellish one of these Fan-C Bears?


morningDove said...

oh great minds think a like. hahaha, i have been wondering when the pattern would makes its debut?!! wonderful bear and everybody should buy one and make them.

Lisa M Griffin said...

I love him just the way he is... simple and perfect! Wow... your talents are truly endless. My mom made bears like this when my grandfather passed away. She created one for herself, her sister and her brother from a few of my grandfathers flannel shirts. And she didn't sew any embellishments on it, so it was just the simple form of a bear with a soft fabric that was once worn by an incredible person. I think doing it in such a fashion puts more emphasis on the meaning behind the gift. Thanks for sharing.

Fannie said...

Hi, Dove. Thanks for your vote of confidence and for helping me get this pattern to this point. ;-D

Hi, Lisa. Your suggestion is a great one. The pattern would lend itself well to that idea. I think Fan-C Bear does have a vintage, memorabilia kind of quality to him. Thanks for your visit!

Jacq said...

I'm glad to see that you have your bear pattern for sale. Congratulations!

Fannie said...

Hi, Jacq. Thanks for your help! What do you think about this size? I'm thinking about going smaller and maybe even making a miniature. That should be fun and challenging. I think I'll work on that when I have a good stock of chocolates on hand. 8-B

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
oh this bear is inspired! i cannot wait for the pattern to be released!
you are amazing!

morningDove said...

oh fannie a miniature, how cute.

Melinda Cornish said...

How cool is this? I could do a zillion things with this guy, and four pattern pieces? that grabbed my attention...good for you...melinda

Scrappy Cat said...

What a cute idea - I think I would do a crazy quilted bear. But not if it was for a child - then I would make it from something snuggly, like Minkee.

Jacq said...

A smaller one sounds great. My grandchildren love them and a smaller one would be easier to take in the car.

Melinda Cornish said...

I see looking at the above posts that someone else had the same idea, but I wanted to share with you anyway....Keep thinking about your bear and I remembered I have my beloved grandmas kimono that my grandpa sent her from Japan right after world war two was over..It is beautiful but has some moth holes and stains...I am thinking of making it into bears for myself and my sisters...she was so sweet and I would love to have a remembrance of her on my bed...So let me know when that pattern hits! 4 pieces? I can do!!! Melinda