Monday, June 30, 2008

Fan-C Bear—15 ½”

Fan-C Bear, 15 1/2" in Height in a seated position
Fannie Narte

This is the 15 1/2" version of Fan-C Bear. I don't know the name of this fabric, but it's very soft and cuddly. The fabric was located in the section with Terry Cloth and vinyl fabric in my local hobby store. This fabric has a connecting circular design that resembles tiny roses.


Will Be Available in my
Etsy Shop by tomorrow


Honor Bowden has been diligent in creating my new website and reconstructing my blog. She's done an excellent job and is extremely proficient in her design and technical capabilities. If you're looking for an expert in web design, I highly recommend Honor.

Just a bit more tweaking. We're almost done. I'm grateful to have Honor create my website.



Guzzisue said...

Hi, usually read your posts through my reader but happened to end up on your blog today, just to say that I like you new style blog :-)

Sue B said...

the new layout looks great Fannie!

Sherry said...

Great. Can't wait to go over and pick up Fan-C Bear pattern. Your blog and website are coming along nicely. Love the new layout, etc.... Hugs!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
yay the teddy bear pattern! it is so cute! i will have to show it to my sister!
your blog looks great!

morningDove said...

the fabric might be minkee, its very soft and cuddly. I do love Honor's redo of your blog. great taste.

Sandra Evertson said...

He is Wonderful! Like a little Cotton Candy Dream!
Sandra Evertson

Grooveycrafts said...

Its really cute, I remember a teacher at school used to make and sell them to the children and I got one which I really love even today.

I was going to say I love your new layout as I saw it yesterday. I liked the one without the black background best :).

Fannie said...

Hi, Guzzisue. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments here.

Thanks, SueB. I decided to keep the black background from my old blog and freshen up the page with something new. A combination of old and new. Thanks for the cheers.

Hi, Sherry. Your pattern is on its way. Thanks for your support.

Nice to see you, Melissa. I visited Melinda's Etsy Shop. She has wonderful products.

Dove, minkee? I have some minkee without the texture like in this pink fabric. I didn't realize minkee came in textures too. I'll get the name from the fabric bolt the next time I visit my hobby store. It is soft. Thanks for your help.

Hi, Sandra! Cotton Candy dream would be a good name for this bear. Nice to see you.

Fannie said...

Hi, Grooveycrafts. Bears have a reputation of being associated with comfort, love and hugs. It sounds like you associate fond memories of a beloved teacher too. That's great!

Thanks for your input about my new blog look. Isn't it wonderful that each of us is different, with different likes and dislikes, with different ideas and beliefs. Yet even though we have distinct differences in ideas, our similarities are what bonds us to one another in friendship. We all have the need to feel acceptance, to feel understood, loved and appreciated. Another similarity we enjoy as artists is our love of creating art.

Thanks for your visit and for sharing your ideas. You have added beauty to my rainbow. ;-D