Sunday, June 22, 2008


Lokahi-Harmony, Mixed Media, (5" x 7")
Fannie Narte

Playing . . . blending the techniques I've learned from recent online classes with Karyn Gartel and Paulette Insall.


"Lokahi" is a Hawaiian word which means "harmony," "unity." It is pronounced: "Lo" as in "low." The "a" in "ka" sounds like the short vowel "u" as in "up"--"ku." "Hi" as in "he." Low-ku-he--Lokahi.


I feel I was blessed to learn the ideas of acceptance by living in a culturally diverse community in Hawaii. Back then, lokahi was a lifestyle that was not a word with a definition, but an intangible idea that was practiced each day. Colors were not seen in the pigment of skin, but in the rainbows and in the beauty of the flowers or fishes. Foreign languages did not divide, but were blended to create a new language the locals call "pidgin." People worshipped as they chose, and everyone attended one another's special religious celebrations. I understood the idea that people are more important than things.


Regardless of the place one lives, the language one speaks or the faith one practices, lokahi exists when all people treat one another with generosity, kindness and love. This is possible when we look into the heart of a person without judgment, and all outward appearances disappear or blend into the surrounding environment, we become one or united as kindred spirits, and all we "hear" is the beautiful music that results from lokahi.

Sing beautiful music.


Ku'ulei said...

Yes! Lokahi! It's all in one's heart. Thanks for this post. *hugs*

Diana Evans said...

love it Fannie...I love that you keep making new things...great work!

kiwicarole said...

Hi Fannie! I simply love your latest work, Lokahi - harmony. I love your blending and the piano keys are a nice addition. I think it also has a hint of mystery to it too. I also really love your tag in the previous post, very nice! Hugs, Carole

Jacq said...

I love the word "lokahi" it's meaning is wonderful and a way that we should all live. United as kindred spirits. Thank you for sharing

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Fannie!
I love reading your blog. Your heart shines through everyday and inspires me.
Thank you for sharing all of the links to your online classes. I am going to have to take some of them!

morningDove said...

Mahalo - if it means gratitude and esteem, which it what the ad in my local paper said, then I will say "thank you" for helping me find those for myself. I so love this piece. Outside my window as I type this a little bird is chirping. And it sounds like he is saying, "birdie, birdie, birdie". Your pieces seem to becoming more of that "style" you want to call your own. I love the feel of all your posts, when I leave your site I know I am all the better for knowing you.

ScaryCheri said...

wow your blog is so inspirational Fannie. I love reading your thoughts and the meanings. Makes me want to go hug someone. Beautiful. Thank you. Hugz, Scary