Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Serenity, ACEO, (2.5" x 3.5")
Fannie Narte
For Sale in My Etsy Shop

In this ACEO, I portrayed the imaginary place I visit in my mind where peace exists. When I feel overwhelmed, this is one of the images that provide me with solace from the worries and cares of the world.


Sometimes I have moments of panic. Recently, I had a procedure called a "CT scan" (computerized tomography), and I "pa-nicked"!


Preparation for the procedure is pretty dramatic. Each person's experience and process varies. While waiting for "my turn," I was given a "contrast liquid" to drink within a specified period of time before the scan. Although it was uncomfortable, and I felt bloated almost immediately, it wasn't that bad.


When my turn came for the actual procedure and the technician explained the process, including inserting an IV and injecting more contrast into my body through the IV--I panicked! When I was younger, I was much braver. "Younger" is a key element, and "braver" is an operative word.

P - A - N - I - C ! ! !

The technician prepared me for the sensation I would feel from the injection, and although I understood his explanation, when the contrast entered my body, it scared me! It was everything he said, and more. Aarrghh!

I don't know about you, but when I'm in panic mode, one second is LONG. I had to endure minutes of the procedure in panic mode. Talk about stress.


After the procedure, I visited my favorite hobby store, drooled over art supplies on my dream list, went home, popped one of my favorite comedy videos into the VCR, laughed hysterically, and ate chocolate . . . . ahhhh . . . bliss . . . balance . . . all better. ;-D


What do you do in times of stress and panic, when you really don't have a choice . . . ?

I imagine my place of "Serenity" . . . .

I wish you peace.


Lisa M Griffin said...

Fannie, I hope that everything is ok. I just ate an entire Hershey chocolate bar... my way of relaxing a bit with you. =)
Have a good night!

Diana Evans said...

wow Fannie...this is beautiful! as all of your work...

Diana Evans said...

wow Fannie...this is beautiful! as all of your work...

Kuuipo said...

MH :) ! Got it up! Yay! Good job on Etsy too!

Kuuipo said...

MH! Got it up! :) Congrats on getting Etsy up too!

morningDove said...

fannie i am looking at your post and loving the entire layout. that is a work of art in itself.

Jacq said...

I pray that all goes well with your health. Medical procedures can be scary and stressful. Chocolate, art supplies and a good laugh sound like a great way spend the rest of the day. Take care my friend.

Cindy said...

I'm hoping that the CT was not required for something serious :-(

When I panic, I try to remember to breath deeply through my nose. I would have been panicked too Fannie! I'm son has CT's done all the time and I don't know how it does it.


Gayle said...

When I feel that panic coming on, I go to that serene place in my head. I try to feel the ocean breeze, the sand under my feet, smell the ocean and wind. See the beauty. It is all in my head, but it really works. Panic is in your head too. So just replace the panic with that mental image of serenity.

Wishing you good health.


Beth said...

I used to be 'braver' when I was younger too..for some things. I have had a few panic attacks myself and its aggravating! But on the other hand, with being older I have become 'braver' in some ways...if that makes sense.
Hope everything checked out okay!

freebird said...

Many, many years ago I enjoyed most of the rides at Disneyland. I got a little older and went again. I panicked on the Pirates of the Carribean ride. I mean, the ride was coming to an end changing levels and I blacked out. I woke to find myself on the bottom of the boat minus one earring. Embarrasing, scared and quite surprised. That was the first I knew I had a phobia which I still have. I will NOT have an MRI or CAT scan unless they put me out first!

My sister on the other hand, needed an MRI and it was just after her husband had left her. She was so stressed with her new life she was having trouble sleeping in an empty house. When she was told to lie still she did. She went to sleep in the thing!

We are all so different. I'm glad you could make it through okay! And I hope whatever is bothering you ends up okay too. Glad some shopping and treats helped.

Your ATC makes me think of the golden hills and super blue skies of Wyoming. It's beautiful, like usual!