Thursday, July 31, 2008

EDM #58, Draw a Hat, Cap or Other Headgear

Tahitian Headdress, Watercolors, 8" x 8"
Fannie Narte


EDM Challenge #58 is to draw a hat, cap or other headgear and write about it. It also asks, "Is it sentimental?"


This is a tahitian headdress, which is part of a costume that my daughters used in our Polynesian entertaining. It is over fifteen years old. Yes, it is sentimental.


These headgears are expensive! Most of our shows in the beginning were "service-oriented"--tax write-offs. We did not have the budget for extravagance. So I "imagined and created" my own version of a tahitian headdress using supplies that were available to me at the time.


This headdress is made out of hau bark, shells, wooden beads, feathers and fabric. The form of the headdress was made from a vinyl placemat. I don't know if Timtex or Pellon Peltex existed at the time I created this, but it would have been a "friendlier" medium.


This is an "ancient" headdress made with the same sentiment. I made the headband adjustable, meaning that it was held together with safety pins. ;-D

I'm sure my daughters felt "secure" and "safe" with this sophisticated getup. Later I replaced the safety pins with velcro--better, but not best. After hundreds of shows and with all of the movement in the dances and choreography, I'm surprised they never lost their headgear.

Such fond memories . . . .

Do you wear hats or caps? Does it have a sentimental value?


Jacq said...

What great memories. Your daughters must have had a fun time with their dancing.
Do they still dance? Are they teaching their children?

DeBee said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories. Reminds me of my mom's and my adventures into costume making over the years. What would we do without safety pins???
I love hats, but don't currently have any for me. My daughter just "inherited" my late step-father's hat that he wore for Polka dancing with my mom. It is European (Austrian? German? ??) and boasts pins collected from around the world. The green felt chapeau is topped off with a crisp (pheasant?) feather. Very sentimental!

Stephanie said...

great journaling about your 'hat'! the sketch is lovely , I can just see it on the head of a lovly girl dancing to tropical music! cheers

Ku'ulei said...

Nice drawing!
I always love reading the journaling part.
You always worked so hard to make great costumes within tight budgets. I still use mine to this day, saftey pins and all! =D

Fannie said...

Hi, Jacq! Yes, they still dance. We get together on weekends whenever we can to "jam," and Mason has his own ukulele and drums. He's a good musician. Kiki looks to be a promising dancer and singer too.

Ha, ha, DeBee! Thanks for sharing your hat story. Love it.

Hi, Stephanie! Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Appreciate your comments.

Hey, Ku'u! Yep, we still use safety pins for extra "safety." ;-D Especially on the skirts. ;-B You girls are good sports. Mahalo!

Deb said...

Great sketch and story! thanks for sharing!

kazumiwannabe said...

Nice drawing and lovely memories! A beautiful and fun piece of life!

freebird said...

That's a wonderful sketch. You are much more than a mixed-media artist! You are an artist. I know there was a lot of discussion over at EDM about what constitutes a real artist but overall they would almost all agree you fit the bill!

Your story was great too. Creating things before Michael's and JoAnn's came around made us really use the old noggin!

Speaking of which, I don't wear hats largely because they don't make women's hats in sizes (at least cheap enough hats that I could afford) so they are always too big for me and blow off (literally) in a breeze. There is still one floating somewhere over Sea World from 20 years ago I believe! Ha! Ha!

My daughter loves to wear hats and has quite a few. Her most expensive hat was chewed up by their new puppy after having the hat for only a few days. She hot glued it back together as best she could and put it away. Really! Her husband still doesn't know about that little problem and we aren't telling!

Glad you are still sketching. It's fun to see what you come up with.

Lisa M Griffin said...

this is such a wonderful sketch, so intricate with all that line work. Sounds like this would have been part of a wonderful costume filled with rich ancestry. Thanks for sharing Fannie, have a great week!

Fannie said...

Welcome Deb and Kazzumiwannabe. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your feedback. Hope to see you again.

Thanks, Freebird! I appreciate your thoughts. Your comments make me feel like we're sitting at your kitchen table and sipping herbal tea and having a nice chat. Thanks, too, for encouraging me to participate in EDM. I can already see benefits from working on these challenges. What would we do without glue guns???

Thanks, Lisa. You have a great weekend too. Hugs to the Little Ones. ;-D