Tuesday, July 15, 2008

EDM #89 Buttons


I recently joined Everyday Matters, "EDM," a group which began in 2004 inspired by Danny Gregory's book, "Everyday Matters," and his blog. I am participating in the old challenges, a list of 169 drawings. Draw a button or buttons is Challenge #89.

I completed Challenge #1, Draw a Shoe, a few weeks ago, which was originally posted to my other blog, "Artistic Expressions." Going forward, my EDM challenges will be posted to this blog.


One of my new goals is to learn to draw quickly and have fun. I'm accustomed to taking my time in drawing an image, and I have challenged myself to take a few minutes instead of days to draw each of the EDM challenges. My "few minutes" may take a long time in the beginning, but it is my hope that over time, I will learn to quickly capture what I "see."

by Danny Gregory

Danny Gregory's memoir, "EverydayMatters," has inspired thousands of people to explore their creativity. Gregory's second book is a memoir about his wife's accident and how he learned to draw. It's a good read.

If you were to write a memoir, what would be the title of your book?


laughingwolf said...

oh wow! great challenges you set for yourself, fannie... i have to motivate myself a lot, but then spend days/weeks trying to make it 'good'... have to train myself with speed, like you say

Regina said...

I'll have to check out this book when things settle down a bit. Your drawings are darling.

morningDove said...

I think off the cuff my memoirs would be "Shaken But Not Stirred" bc God keeps me anchored in my life. You know how twists and turns can jolt you for a quick second but then you get your footing, your peace and remember who gives you your foundation.

love your quick draws. That little cartoon still comes to mind "Quick Draw McGraw." I think he was a dog.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
i love your shoes! i have never heard of this book. thank you for the link. i always learn something wonderful from you.

Lisa M Griffin said...

I will need to find this book, it sounds lovely. I have also tried to draw more quickly and be more gestural in the process... your sketches look wonderful. The shoes are my favorite!
Thanks for sharing.

Diana Evans said...

HI Fannie...

what a cool idea...and I love these illustrations...the buttons and the shoes are amazing!!!

I will have to check out the links and this whole EDM GRoup...

I am thinking about the title of my memoir...hmmmmmmmm

Sherry said...

These are just fantastic. I so wish I had the ability to draw. Guess I'll settle for viewing your work which is always amazing.

Gayle said...

Title of my book?
If I can walk it's a damn good day..... everything after that is gravy.

freebird said...

Your buttons look great. Is red your favorite color? My memoir could be called "Time's Up?"