Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flowers and a Feathered Friend

Bird, Button, 1.5"
Hibiscus, Buttons, 1"
Fannie Narte

While working on some buttons for a friend, I played with these images of flowers and a bird. These buttons were made from shrink plastic. The button holes were punched with a 1/8-inch hole puncher.


The bird was drawn with a black permanent marker and painted with blue and white acrylic paints.


The Hibiscus flowers were drawn with the same black permanent marker. The Hibiscus that is located at the top was painted with Neocolors, and the other Hibiscus was painted with colored pencils. There is more color control with the colored pencils, but I like the uncontrolled, spontaneous blending of the Neocolors. Although it adds mystery and can be exciting, it can also result in "throw-aways." But it's all good because that's a part of exploring, right? Right? . . . Trying to convince myself. ;-D


All of these buttons have a sealant over them, but I used the heat gun to speed up the drying process in the bottom Hibiscus flower and the bird, which made it bubble. Sealants do not like to be pushed along. Oopsies.



Diana Evans said...

oh what fun!!! love your buttons Fannie!!!

freebird said...

These are so cute. Your little bird is showing himself in all kinds of places isn't he? I like all of these. The pencil one has more defined depth in the center of the flower yet the Neocolor one is so wonderfully bright. What are you using these for?

Wouldn't they be cute on one of your little piano quilts?

Sherry said...

These are great, even with the oopsies. Where do you get the shrink plastic? Is it a different medium than the shrink plastic used for gift baskets?

Fannie said...

Hi, Diana! Nice to see you. How was your vacation? Did you do anything special?

Freebird, I don't know what I'm going to use these for. They are "experiments," testing different media to color in these images, etc. I don't think they're good enough to use in a project. I don't know . . .

Sherry, yes, these are different than the ones they use for gift baskets. These are thick but flexible plastic sheets that usually come in 8 x 11 sizes in white, transparent, black or brown. They can be rubber stamped, fed through an inkjet printer, or drawn on using permanent markers. Here's a link:

Have fun!

Fannie said...

Sherry, the url above was too long. Here's a "tiny" one.

morningDove said...

your buttons are fantastic. love the bird.