Monday, July 7, 2008


Journal, (5.75" x 8.75")
Fannie Narte


This Journal is today's offering for my One-Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway drawing that will be held on July 13. This journal has 30 white acid-free 110 lb. white cardstock and four sheets of brown acid-free Kraft paper. The cover is made from a brown paper lunch sack, and it is painted to look like red leather highlighted with gold.

If you're interested in winning this journal, leave a comment to this post, and you will be entered in the drawing. Names of all of the winners of my 10-day Giveaway will be posted on July 13.



Art forums, exchange groups and weekly challenge groups can offer inspiration and motivation. Many are available. My favorites are Illustration Friday, a weekly illustration challenge group; Everyday Matters, a weekly drawing challenge group, and Surface Design, a fiber arts group that challenges members' creativity through participation in exchanges and the sharing of ideas through the group's forum.

Do you participate in art forums or groups? Which ones are your favorites?


Regina said...

Love the sophistication of this journal cover. I alter my journal covers, too.
I also participate in IF (was a "lurker" for a long time before I dove in). The other group I participate in is Creative Every Day. I'd love to do more, but I think my head would explode!

laughingwolf said...

what a neat journal, fannie :)

it's been years since i had one, but never with 110 lb stock

i'm sure going to use these links of yours, too

Lisa M Griffin said...

Hi Fannie-
I will need to check out a few of the forums you have mentioned. I also enjoy Illustration Friday as well as Arty Girls, Inspire me Thursday and Monday Art Day.
Thanks for sharing. =)

TracyB said...

Fannie, this is GORGEOUS!!
I know how to make the journal, just not the spiral part :)
(I haven't got mine posted yet, still waiting for the DH to make my button for the front of it!!)

Scrappy Cat said...

I love the leather-look from a lunch sack - one of many favorites that I learned from Sue Bleiweiss. I can't believe how generous you are with all these giveaways!

I'm also a member of Everyday Matters (altho I haven't been active there lately) and Surface Design. And I recently joined Fiber Art Traders and Mixed Media Art Friends - 2 more yahoo groups that look promising.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
i love the new journal! i used to do atc exchanges and crochet granny squares. it was fun and i met alot of nice people!

Fannie said...

Hello, Everyone! Thanks for participating in my upcoming blog anniversary giveaway. It's so good to celebrate with friends!

Thanks for sharing your favorite groups and forums. I'll check them out and maybe see you in some of them.

Regina, Fourth of July is over--no more explosions. ;-D I would miss your pretty head and the sharing of all your ideas.

Laughingwolf, good to meet you.

Lisa, "Inspire Me Thursday" sounds interesting. I'll check out your favorites. Thanks.

Tracy, I'll look for your journal post. I'm sure it's great!

Scrappy Cat, thanks for playing with me. I thought it would be a good idea to have this 10-day giveaway and celebrate in a way that I often write about in my articles: "generosity" and "sharing." Glad you're enjoying the offerings.

Melissa, ATC exchanges and granny squares, thanks for sharing your ideas. Crocheting granny squares was how I learned to crochet as a little girl. It's a good way to use up yarn pieces, and they made great floor coverings for my doll houses. ;-D

Thanks for stopping by, Everyone!

morningDove said...

B/c i love to trade FAT is my favorite group. I need to try this technique again to work on making the leather-look better.


Fannie, I have a little award for you over on my blog...

I hope you have a fabulous day !!!

Heather P said...

Fannie, this is beautiful!

My favorite forum is QuiltArt. I've learned a great deal there, as well as finding constant inspiration.

As a longarm quilter, I also participate in MQResource. It's a pretty lively group, and if I feel I need a fresh idea for a quilting pattern, my friends there are always willing to give me lots of opinions.

Diana Evans said...

Wow are amazing...all these wonderful posts...this journal is beautiful!!!!

ikkinlala said...

I don't really participate in any art forums or groups - I just read a lot of blogs for inspiration.

Gayle said...

ditto to everything my friend Heather P said! QuiltArt and MQResources.

But I also learn as much or more about art right here from you Fannie. Thanks so much for all the inspiration and information.


Noel said...

My favorite groups are BAD...and FAT....I'm so wnating to take Sue B's. journal class sometime in the future when $$$ permits....but that's what wish lists are for...aren't they?

quiltcrazygal said...

I love me on-line groups. I participate in two art groups and one quilt group. I just love creating items for exchanges and then I can't wait for the mail to arrive. Cheers, Jenna Louise