Sunday, July 27, 2008

"M" is for "Mason" and "Muscles"

Mason's Green Wallet, 2.75" x 3.75"
Fannie Narte

As promised, here's Mason's green wallet.


I used a black faux leather painted lunch sack to create and test this wallet pattern. While working on the design, Mason was concerned that he wasn't going to get his "green" wallet. I explained that I was "practicing," and that this was not the "real" one for him. He replied, "Oh, is that one for Papa?" ;-D

~T told Mason that I was making a black wallet for him so that he could keep his exercise card in it--fitness membership card. Mason understood.


He watched me create the wallet pattern, following me from the cutting table to the work table to the trash can, repeating his song: "The black wallet is for Papa. You're going to make me a green one."

"Yes, Mason. Mimies will make you a green one. This black one is for Papa."


While he took his nap, I made him his green wallet and surprised him with it when he woke up.

His "big boy" wallet was beside him while he played with his "Legos" and during snack time. He kept one eye on his wallet and the other eye on the TV while watching the Disney movie "Atlantis."

I should have taken a photograph of it before he got up from his nap.


Finally I was able to sneak the wallet away for photographing. It's early morning. He's still sleeping. Shhhhhhh . . .

When he wakes up, he'll see a surprise in his wallet.

Surprise, Mason! Mimies love you!

Mason and Kiana will go back to their home today. But they'll be welcome to spend time with Mimies and Papa anytime. Our door is always open.


Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

That is so cute Fannie. I know Mason will be very excited when he wakes up to a surprise in the new wallet. Have a great day!

Jacq said...

Mason's wallet is so cute. I'm glad you have had a great time with your grandchildren, hopefully they do not live too far so that you can see them often.

laughingwolf said...

fantastic wee tale, fannie :)

Regina said...

your account of this story is just delightful!
Putting the monogram on Hason's wallet was a stroke of genius. I can only imagine how proud he is.

Sue B said...

That is too much fun Fannie!

Forever Young said...

i just know they have enjoyed having so much fun with mimies and papa...till the next visit!

Diana Evans said...

Wow!!! what a wonderful're the sweetest Grandmother ever!


Lisa M Griffin said...

Fannie this is so cute! I love the embossed initial on the front. Thanks for sharing all your lovely moments and great craft ideas.

DeBee said...

Fannie- What a great little wallet! I'm starting my 3 year old granddaughter into art and it is such fun! My daughter makes duct tape wallets, but this faux leather is so much classier! Thanks for sharing.

freebird said...

I can imagine how happy he was to have his own. Kids love to have things made for them not just bought too.