Sunday, July 13, 2008

My First Blog Post One Year Ago Today

(8" x 10," Pastelbord, colored pencil)

I thought I'd post my first colored pencil art work done on my current favorite surface, Pastelbord. I initially titled it "Different, but Same," then changed it to "Color Blind," and quickly changed it back. It seems that naming a piece is as much work as creating it.

As a writer, I acquired the unconscious habit of looking below the surface and appearances of people and things--finding deep meanings, hidden intentions, and possible symbolisms--and describing my discovery in a few powerful words. In this piece, I portrayed the idea of "acceptance." We are unique individuals--different cultural backgrounds, ages, genders, personalities, and beliefs. However, we are all the same in one important aspect--we all want to be loved, appreciated, accepted and encouraged. Thus, the title "Different, but Same." Enjoy.


Lessons can be found in reviewing the past and pondering the growth that transpired.


My artwork has evovled, and my favorite medium has changed. When I began blogging, I would describe myself as a traditional quilter and rubber stamper. During the past year, I also dabbled in colored pencils and watercolors, zigged into fiber art, and zagged into mixed media.


Although my art has changed, my indecisive nature and the inspiration for my art has pretty much remained the same. I am still passionate about interpreting my life's experiences by creating works of art which invite the viewer to think about social and cultural ideas and beliefs.


"Different, but Same" is an appropriate reflection piece, the record of my beginning. It is also a celebration piece, appropriate for my blog anniversary, which amplifies the idea of "Different, but Same"--different media; same artistic heart.



Lisa M Griffin said...

I think that is the artist in us, to change and evolve in a creative fashion, and you have certainly done so. It is amazing to me to see how many wonderful talents that you have, you truly excel in so many different mediums! I love this piece as well, the detail in the tablecloth is amazing and "hints" of what is to come with all your detailed fabric art.
Happy Anniversary Fannie!!! I hope you enjoy many more creative posts and endeavors. =)

Melissa & Emmitt said...

what a beautiful post. it is so fun to see the journey of life evolve. blogs are wonderful to visually document our unfolding paths. how inspiring fannie!

Jacq said...

Congratulations one your first year. Your work is always wonderful to see and I'm amazed at all that you do in so many mediums.

laughingwolf said...

so true, fannie, and on so many different levels

i've always enjoyed meeting new, gentle folk, and seeing new critters/landscapes... must have a gypsy in my soul

and always: different, but same... as you point out


a wonderful, wonderful post and it shows how many talents you have as an artist and how wide your heart is as a person....

and beautiful ARE blessed :) and we are all blessed to know you and your kindness.

Forever Young said...

happy one year, i forgot all about mine a few months ago, your blog rocks!