Saturday, July 12, 2008

Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Pastels



No art for today--surprise! I'm giving away one of my favorite discoveries of the past year: Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Pastels. Leave your name in the comment module of this post if you want to be entered in the drawing for this set of 10 Neocolor IIs. The name of the winner will be posted tomorrow!



I discovered Neocolor IIs from a talented colored pencil artist who uses them as underpainting. While playing with them in my colored pencil art and cleaning my stained work surface, I learned that the pigments stained my paper towel and curiosity immediately took over. I began applying Neocolors onto muslin and other cotton fabrics, blended it with water, and added thread sketching, and voila--art quilts using Neocolors was born. I'm sure I did not make this discovery because Neocolors have been out for quite some time. But it was my own personal journey and discovery. It has become one of my favorite mediums in my fiber art, and I have enjoy sharing my Neocolor creations with you. Now I want to share a set with one lucky visitor. ;-D


Thank you for celebrating with me during the past week--and the past year. I've known many of you from the beginning, and I'm grateful for the encouragement, knowledge and friendship you've given me in the past year.

I'm also excited to have met new artist-friends. I've gained from visiting your blogs. The insights you've shared about your approach and your creative processes have been valuable and have influenced my art. Thank you so much!

To those who visit regularly and prefer to send me private emails--thank you for giving meaning to my blogging and creativity.

I enjoy receiving your feedback about my art or my writing. To those I haven't met but visit my blog, I hope to meet you sometime. Thank you for your visits. I hope you find inspiration among these pages.

Thanks for celebrating with me. See you tomorrow!


Genie said...

Hi i have not visited your blog for a while. it is on my favourite list on my laptop, just to say i really like your work.


what a wonderful celebration it has are such a credit to this blog-land and I am happy to have met you !!

Gayle said...

I bought a set because of you! I have played with them some, but I think I put too much water on the fabric. How do you apply the water? Is just a little needed?


Doreen K. said...

Oh, I would love these but, just in case I don't win, I printed a picture of them so I can try to find them. Love what you do with them. I had never heard of them till your blog.

Fannie said...

Hi, Gayle, the amount of water needed depends upon the thickness of your Neocolor application and whether or not you want a pastel look or intense colors. When you apply water to the Neocolors, use very little at first. If you need more, then slowly add water to your brush a little at a time, each time blending the pigments until you find the right amount of water that gives you the results you want.

I apply my colors heavily and use water sparingly. My fan brush holds just the right amount of water I need to blend my colors. Round brushes add too much water and washes out the color. But, again, it all depends on how thick you apply the color.

The best suggestion I can give you is to experiment with the application of color and amount of water you use. Play with it until you get the results you're looking for. Have fun.

Do you use a fan brush?

Fannie said...

Hi, Doreen. If you can't find them at your local hobby store, you can find them online at Dick Blick.

Here's the link:

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Fannie....I bought a fan brush during my visit to Michaels yesterday after reading your tutorial on the Neocolor II's. It is now on my list of things to try.

Mi TymeArt said...


Your blog has progressed so much in the short time since I found it - I'm still "trying" with the Neo Colors - hope I can figure them out soon! Congratulations on your great accomplishments.
Leslie C.

Fannie said...

Brigitte and Leslie, let me know if you have any questions.

I'm seriously considering offering an online class with Neocolors . . . still thinking, though.

Scrappy Cat said...

I think it would be wonderful if you offered an online class with Neocolors - I would certainly take it. You do such wonderful things with them! And you have so many wonderful giveaways you're doing - I can hardly wait for tomorrow!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
oh this is just the coolest!
you are so generous and inspiring with your art, knowledge, insights and even supplies. you are a very special person.
this is so fun! i am going to have to try this!

- Marybeth I. said...

after a 15 year+ sabbatical I started drawing again. I am working mainly in colored pencil but would like to start trying other mediums.