Friday, July 18, 2008

Purple Patch Project


I am donating 2" x 6" patches of purple fabric to The Purple Patch Project for AAQI, Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, founded by Ami Simms. A name of someone who have or had Alzheimer's disease or related dimentia will be written on the back of each patch.


These patches will be used to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease in ceremonies of remembrance at certain venues hosting the Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece exhibit. Each participant will receive a patch at the beginning of the ceremony. At its conclusion, they are invited to pin the patches on each other and wear them throughout the day to honor and remember the 24 million individuals worldwide who have Alzheimer's, and their families.


The fabric exchange was first conceived by Pastor Mary Pauluk, chaplain at St. John Lutheran Home in Springfield, MN, for the Interfaith Service at the American Association of Homes & Services For The Aging annual convention in Orlando, FL in October 2007.


My friend, Sherry, lost her dad, Gene, to Alzheimer's disease. I would like to donate at least 20 purple patches to this project. Will you help me by giving me a name of someone you know who has or had Alzheimer's disease or related dimentia by leaving their name at this post. If you prefer anonymity, feel free to send your names to me by email.

Have a great weekend.


Regina said...

Hi Fannie,
My Dad, Nick, and his mother, Geneva, both had Alzheimer's disease.
It's a horrible, slow way to lose your loved ones.....

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie
what a wonderful project. your purple patches are such a special tribute.

Sherry said...

Thank you Fannie. My dad's mother, Ruby, also lost her life to this horrible disease.

laughingwolf said...

mom died from it 15 years ago, her name: leida

blessings to all....

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

My stepmother Lillie died after suffering with Alzheimers for several years. That was about 15 years ago.

Gayle said...

Carol, my first quilting friend ever, has had Alzheimer's for 5 years now. And my sister's MIL Lois died from the disease about 10 years ago.

What a wonderful cause you are supporting.


freebird said...

My Uncle Victor, a famed surgeon (who once had his picture on Time magazine and went to China when Nixon first got it re-opened to us a bit) had a dimentia disease although it was not alzheimer's. He did so much for medicine in his day (helped Salk with the polio vaccine too) and it was a shame to see him lose the brilliance he had. I'd be honored if you would include his name.


Fannie, your involvement in this project is wonderful.

I have two names you can friend's siblings have been stricken with early onset Alzheimer's....he has lost his sister Maureen and his sister Charlotte currently battles the disease....each woman less than 50 years old at diagnosis.

Your efforts to help bring funds and awareness for this disease are very noble indeed....