Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Rose, Art Quilt, (5" x 7")
Fannie Narte


"Rose" is the Giveaway for today. If you're interested in entering the drawing for this art quilt, leave your name at this post. The winner of this drawing will be posted on July 13.



Connecting with other artists and ongoing learning are available beyond the typical classroom, online classes, online tutorials or blogs. E-zines are available as another option.

by Ann Kullberg

"From My Perspective," a monthly e-zine published by colored pencil artist, Ann Kullberg, was my first experience with a paperless publication. After reading the negative press about e-books, I was hesitant about this e-zine idea. At the time, I was new to colored pencils and was like a sponge. This e-zine served as a monthly tutorial, and it connected me to a community of sharing colored pencil artists. Any hesitation I had about e-zines quickly disappeared.

by Sue Bleiweiss

Another e-zine I enjoy is Fibre & Stitch, a quarterly publication by Sue Bleiweiss. Sue loads each issue with 13 to 14 features, and it is delivered in .pdf format. You can view the Table of Contents of each issue, which includes the titles and authors of each feature, available at the Fibre & Stitch site, to determine whether or not you want to make a purchase. Sue makes it easy.

33 Free Projects

In addition, Sue has links to 33 tempting Free Projects to download, which is available at the Fibre & Stitch site. You'll find projects such as Padfolio, Graduated Dyeing in Plastic Bags, Silk Fusion, Rust Dyeing 101 and her newest addition, Grungeboard Surfaces.


I am also a subscriber to Cloth, Paper, Scissors; Quilting Arts Magazine; FiberArts; and The Artists Magazine. I also enjoy the Sew Somerset magazine. Each publication fills my artistic need for knowledge and connection.


Which do I prefer: e-zine or magazine? I like both. Both formats have their benefits. Although I enjoy the flexibility of printing specific articles of an e-zine and the convenience of storing and traveling with publications on my computer's hard drive, the tangible factors of a magazine has its benefits too. One is not better or more than the other. It's a matter of personal preferences. Isn't it great that we have choices?

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer one form of publication over the other?



this is a great post, offering your insights about publications.

I have never tried the e-zine format, but it is intriguing. I get Cloth, Paper, Scissors and just love the feel of the magazine in my hands and all the glorious art in its glossy goodness. For me an e-zine would be lacking in that respect. But I can imagine the info would be just as valuable.

The colored pencil e-zine link I'll bookmark...I took a weekend course in colored pencil and realized how much MORE I had to learn :)

Lisa M Griffin said...

Hi Fannie- Beautiful rose, soft and ethereal looking.
I have worked for both e-zines and magazines and enjoy both. In creating illustrations, the process is the same, and it is fun to be able to spread your wings in new markets. I also enjoy reading in both formats.

laughingwolf said...

mom or sis would love that, were they still alive... luckily, i have two daughters :)

morningDove said...

choices are so wonderful. do we realize how fortunate we really are? I think I prefer mags, something about the feel of their papers in my hand with the color pics and sometimes even the smell and the excitement of getting mail in my postbox other than a bill is refreshing.
I also love your website, great job putting it all together. It must feel very gratifying to check off goals you have obtained this year.

Scrappy Cat said...

Your rose is beautiful - I love the way you color your fabrics and stitch them.

I agree with you about e-zines vs. magazines - I like them both too. I don't subscribe to as many as you do, but I do subscribe to Quilting Arts and Fibre & Stitch. I usually print out the articles that interest me in an e-zine.

Alina Chau said...


Regina said...

Thanks for this info. Although I like the idea of e-zines (less clutter), I love to browse my mags before going to sleep. I'm not taking my laptop to bed with me. LOL

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
i have another blog award for you and a tag to a fun meme.
i have a feeling you are going to be getting alot of these awards.

Michele P. said...

I agree, I love the choices you get with an e-zine vs. a regular magazine. I still love my magazines though, and don't know what would happen if one day they cease to exist. I know the publishing industry has taken a big hit as well as the newspapers due to online e-zines and news availability. I've seen several magazines I enjoyed stop publication in the past few years, and our newspaper has been facing declining sales. Even mfg. coupons, something I buy the paper for on weekends, are going online now. I like e-zines and the internet for the sheer ability to get the info. quickly and to interact with others. But I often think, what if my satellite dish is down so no TV, my internet is down for whatever reason-how will I still feel connected to friends/hobbies and the news? So, yes I still like the fact I can curl up with a magazine, or read the paper daily. BTW, the rose is beautiful!

Noel said...

Oh my I have been off line for so long...your blog looks great and so much has changed...wonderful.
I have to grab a cup of jo and sit for awhile to absorbe all the changes and see all your beautiful works of art as well as your inspiring words.

Noel said...

A rose is a rose but this one will last for forever and has much love attached to it!
Beautiful work Fannie!


TracyB said...

Fannie, I have roses just like this in my garden, but just a smidge darker. It looks SO real!!

Diana Evans said...

wonderful post and what a rose!!!

quiltcrazygal said...

I enjoy both. I also love the feel of my magazines, but I enjoy on-line projects. I took my first class this winter and I just loved it. I'm doing a fabric portrait of my husband and his mother. It is actually this weekend's project. I hope to finish it in the next few weeks. Cheers, Jenna Louise

Heather P said...

I prefer hard print. I love to be able to leaf through the pages of a new magazine, concentrating on the articles that catch my eye and flipping past those that don't. I subscribe to Fibre and Stitch, and I love it, but it's not the same visceral thrill.