Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sing With One Voice

Sing With One Voice, Art Quilt, (12" x 12")
Fannie Narte

"Sing With One Voice" is my submission for the Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit. This exhibit will hang at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan at the Rock Financial Showplace. The exhibit dates for 2008 are: September 26-September 28. It will also be a traveling exhibit.

Breaking Traditions, organized by Lynn Krawczyk, has joined Virginia Spiegel's Fiberart for a Cause. Participation in this year's exhibit will help support the American Cancer Society.


"This year the Breaking Traditions exhibit will give a voice to all the good that is present in the world. From the next door neighbor who helped to shovel your snowy walk, to organizations built solely on the purpose of serving those in need, to famous individuals using their influence to do good. We honor all those who stand up and say, in one loud clear voice, 'I will make a difference.'"


My art quilt is dedicated to Ami Simms, who is the founder of Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) is an Internet-driven, grassroots, totally volunteer effort to raise awareness and fund research through art. Ami founded the AAQI in January 2006 because her mother has Alzheimer's disease. All profits are donated to Alzheimer's research. In two years, the AAQI has raised more than $157,000 for Alzheimer's research.

$1,000 PROMISE

Last fall I joined Ami in helping her raise awareness and funds to benefit Alzheimer's research. Making a promise to help raise $1,000 was a giant leap. Through Ami's efforts and my art quilts, I was able to meet my promised goal and raised $1,155 to date. My next goal is to raise another $1,000.


"Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece" is an exhibit of 52 extraordinary art quilts about Alzheimer's disease that is traveling throughout the United States. If you're not able to see this exhibit in person, there are two available options: a book and a CD.

THE CREATION OF "Sing With One Voice"

The entire quilt, except for the birds and the word "Remember," was machine pieced. The borders are pieced Sawtooth designs. The piano keyboard is an original pieced design.

The image of the timepiece is a fabric photo transfer of a copyright-free image. The word "Remember" was printed onto fabric and fused onto the timepiece.

The birds are original designs and produced from fabric that is printed with the words "Sing With One Voice." The birds were painted with acrylics and fabric medium.

The background is heavily quilted with stipple quilting, wood grain quilting, and swirls.


"Sing With One Voice" was created around the idea of "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece By Piece."

If we unite as a group--Sing With One Voice--to work towards causes such as finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease or cancer, we can make a difference.

I want to make a difference.


Gayle said...

Another beautiful piece. Maybe my favorite to date.

Melinda Cornish said...

this is really beautiful! good for you for taking part....that hawaiian popcorn looks alwful good too....I have an award for you at my blog...go see....Melinda

laughingwolf said...

excellent cause, fannie... i lot my mom to alzheimer's 15 years ago, feels like yesterday :(

Regina said...


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie
what a beautiful square. you are a force of beautiful, positive energy. you are a very special person. one in a million!

Diana Evans said...

Everything you do makes a BIG difference Fannie...and in addition to that you inspire others to help too...

Bless your heart!

Jacq said...

What a wonderful piece. You do make a difference!!

Lisa M Griffin said...

just lovely Fannie and you do make a difference to so many people through your giving, positive, nurturing nature. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

Laura Krasinski said...

Fannie this is very nice.. and Ami will be so touched... Great quilt...

Diane said...

Fabulous piece, Fannie, and I couldn't pick a better person/organization to honor! As a matter of fact, I didn't! My AAQI/Ami piece for Breaking Traditions will be on my website later today.

Sherry said...

Thank you Fannie, for making a difference. This piece is just stunning.

Vivien said...

All I can say is Wow; very evocative.

Joanna van said...

Fannie, just beautiful! I can see how inspired you are.

freebird said...

Ah Fannie, you do make a difference even without your quilts. You make so many bloggers feel a sparkle in their day. That may not sound like much but bloggers are people and some probably really need the lift they can count on here. I see you as sparkles being wafted from spot to spot leaving your glow on everything. But, your quilts for your causes add more and that is good. You do great work so I am sure this quilt will be an asset to the show.


Fannie, you DO make a difference and this is a beautiful quilt filed with passion and caring...

so very, very lovely.

amisimms said...

Fannie, you are awesome, through and through. What an honor to know you.