Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome 2

"Welcome, the Door Is Always Open," Acrylic and Ink on Wood, (4" x 4")
Fannie Narte

My grandchildren will be spending the next few days with us. We have "fun" planned. I'm sure come Monday morning I'll be exhausted and feel like "Raggedy Mimies," but happily so.

This post is appropriate for today . . . we welcome our grandchildren to our home as the door is always open. Fun!

Grandchildren are special little people.


Scrappy Cat said...

Lovely piece Fannie. Have fun with your grandchildren. I don't have any yet, but hope to someday.


beautiful !!! have a wonderful time with your grandkids.....

laughingwolf said...

another beauty, thank you

i have no grandchildren, but look forward to the day :)

morningDove said...

I love the flowers and the tiny little bird on the musical note. Does that represent your little ones? Looks like you are calling them home with a special song only they answer to.

Lisa M Griffin said...

have a wonderful weekend with your grandkids! I am sure that it will be tiring... but in a good way.
Lovely piece as well Fannie!

freebird said...

Have fun with your grandchildren. I was trying too hard to be the mom to enjoy my own as much as I now enjoy the grandkids. I told my daughter a long time ago that my job as "grandma" is to spoil the kids and she agreed. What fun! And yes, I expect you and the grandkids will be worn out by visit's end. (Some of mine wake early just to be with me more which of course wears them out but what a joy it is to me).

I like the larger bird on this version better than the tiny ones on the first one but they are both very pretty.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

I love your new piece Fannie!
Have a wonderful time with your grandkids!
They are so lucky to have you!
m & e

Forever Young said...

found this so great as i have just heard i am to be a grandie (first one). enjoy!

Kate said...

Fannie? YOU are a grandmother?? YOu have such young are making me feel old. I guess because I never married and do not have kids, I forget that grandmas are not all old blue haired ladies like my grandmas were. : ) I suppose that at 40 I could even be a grandma. Yikes! I am still trying to get married and have my own babies!

Well, have fun, and I love this illustration.