Saturday, July 19, 2008


"Welcome, the Door is Always Open," Acrylic and Ink on Wood, (4" x 4")
Fannie Narte
For Sale in My Etsy Shop



I miss the days when life was simpler and people were friendly and neighborly. Borrowing a cup of sugar, joining a neighbor on Saturday nights to watch Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show while eating ice cream cones, running through the freshly harvested sugar cane fields and breaking one's "rubbah slippah," swimming in the icy cold gulch . . . .


Our front and back doors were locked only at night when it was time for bed. The key to the car was left in the ignition just in case a neighbor needed to borrow it for an emergency. It was a time when families joined together to help one another through difficult times, and safety, as we know it today, was not an issue.


In ancient times, when I was a child, ;-D, one's biology did not determine the meaning of "family." It was a time when "please" and "thank you" were common phrases. The hand on the steering wheel was always ready to wave at an approaching car. The honking of the horns and shouts were greetings from friends--not from angry drivers.


If you're lucky enough to find yourself in a friendly community, consider yourself blessed. This is my wish for you.

You're welcome to my Home. My door is always open to friends and family.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
i love your new piece!
i think your point is very good. with a faster paced world, comes maybe more inpatience? with media hitting people with messages constantly comes overload and shows society's bad behavior. but the good news is that we can choose to be more conscious and not behave that way too. i do feel society has had enough of some of this and a shift to more awareness and consciouness is happening.
your blog is proof postive of it to me.


StegArt said...

This is a cute piece!

freebird said...

This IS a cute piece and a great sentiment. My daughter lives where she can, and does, borrow sugar, eggs, name it and she or some of her neighbors have shared. I say shared because there is no pay back except that if she bakes a cake they might get a share or when their kids need help she's there. Not everyone in the neighborhood is so neighborly but enough are. And where is this neighborhood? Southern California in Simi Valley. I think my daughter's friendly ways are part of it as she assumes you want to be friendly till you tell her otherwise!

I'm back. Hope I don't get too wordy for you! LOL.

Sherry said...

Love this one Fannie. Hope to see it up on Etsy soon. I remember those days as well and miss them terribly.

laughingwolf said...

thank you, fannie... i recall those days as well... friends/family are always welcome to my home, too :)

morningDove said...

I can relate to the days of leaving doors unlocked,etc.

On your art piece - ever thought about doing another one and putting the darker note in the center like a bird hole opening on bird house? just a thought.
But I love this one too. the colors always amaze me and draw me in to your art pieces.


Fannie, another magnificent piece and I am not at all surprised it was snatched up quickly from Etsy...

and your post to accompany the art was wonderful too and made me long for those "ancient" days too....I wish that my boys had the chance to grow up in a safer, kinder world such as the one I grew up in....