Saturday, August 2, 2008

Background for Faces Painting--WIP

Background for Faces Painting, Mixed Media, 8" x 8"
Fannie Narte

This is a work-in-progress painting.

I'm taking an online class titled "All About Faces" with Paulette Insall. We're in our fifth week of class, and next week will be our last class. I've been watching Paulette's videos repeatedly and reading each week's lessons in order to digest her techniques, which are somewhat challenging for me. I've been practicing and practicing and . . . .


Online classes are structured in weekly "snippets." Paulette is an excellent teacher, and her weekly classes, including chat sessions, are run efficiently. However, working on a project for a six-week period doesn't fit well with the way I'm wired. I prefer to work on a project continuously until it's finished. This is the background for my "face" painting. I have three week's worth of lessons to apply to this painted canvas.


The next step is to transfer a line drawing of a face onto this painted canvas and apply the underpainting. I'll post each step as I complete them so you can see this painting's evolution. It's pretty scary showing you a work-in-progress painting in a new medium, which I find challenging. Acrylic paints dry quickly. There's no room for indecision--one of my struggles. It's kind of like a "reality reveal" like reality TV shows. You could be watching the unfolding of a "mess" . . . hope not, though.

Enjoy your weekend.


Jacq said...

I look forward to seeing more fro, your class. I'm taking a class from Karyn Gartel and forunately all the classes are available when I want to do them.

Regina said...

Oh Fannie - this looks like a great beginning. I've wanted to sign up for Paulette's class, too, but the timing hasn't been right for me so far.
Did you know that Golden Paints just came out with a new line called "Open". The paint dries much slower - more like oils. I've been thinking of ordering some because I think they would make portrait painting less stressful. I've only tried a couple in acrylic & you are right - its' very challenging. I know that Daniel Smith has "Open" available.

soulbrush said...

should be very interesting to see.

Scrappy Cat said...

Beautiful background - looking forward to seeing the evolution of the face.

Kate said...

Wow, this is a gorgeous background!! Love it. Can't wait to see the evolution take place. Are you going to post the different stages?

morningDove said...

I can see a face transpiring at the top center with a musical note hanging from her hair. love what you have done so far. I can't imagine you doing anything that would be a "mess".

Fannie said...

Jacq, how's your class with Karen going?

Regina, thanks for the paint tip. It's definitely something to look into. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome, Soulbrush. Nice to see you.

Hi, Cheryl! Yep, we'll watch the unfolding . . .

Hi, Kate. Yes, I'll post the different stages as I complete them. Thanks for your interest.

Thanks, Dove. Your encouragement always makes me smile.

freebird said...

You will do just fine. You don't make messes but the nice thing about acrylics is if you do, you just make a new background and try it again.