Sunday, August 3, 2008

EDM #76--Flowers

Flowers, EDM #76 Drawing, 8" x 8"
Fannie Narte


We usually plant petunias in our front yard each summer. However, we had a late start because of the water rationing, and the petunia selections at our local garden shop were "leggy." Instead, we planted white Impatiens against a background of green, white and pink coleus. They look great, but I miss seeing the mix of purple, lavendar, hot pink, white and yellow petunias through my office window, which overlooks the front yard.


For the past two years, I also planted some Hydrangeas--another favorite garden flower--but wasn't successful at growing them. I'll study more and keep trying until I'm successful. In the meantime, I can dream and draw anything I miss or desire.

What's in your garden?



beautiful drawing....

my hydrangeas are actually enjoying their best season yet...I'm thinking because it has been such a rainy summer. When we got home from our week at the beach, they really had a show going !!!!

Kate said...

I have never had luck with hydrandeas, either. But I thin they are such beautiful flowers.

I did not buy a lot of flowers this year. A friend gave me her lilac tree, and I filled in my front yard and backyard with various shrubs. I did buy marigolds. I do not know how much I woud actually love them if they did not conjure up memories for me of my mother keeping the spent blooms and drying them to plant the following year. Now i am doing the same thing with mine.

morningDove said...

my garden has hydrangeas, a rose bush, a butterfly bush, impatiens, geraniums (which seem to bloom continuously for me), a few tomato plants and a cucumber plant(1 lone cucumber). I love your drawing.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
i missed you while i was gone.
melanie and i love our bear patterns. you are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

what a nice drawing!

Silverdale florist

Roberta said...

I usually plant fire red impatiens and yellow marigolds against a white house. I added some Lambs Ear for texture.

Lovely drawing. I like the muted colrs,

Fannie said...

Oh, Nancy, your yard must look beautiful. What a nice homecoming!

Kate, receiving a lilac tree from a friend is special. How lucky you are. Interesting . . . my mom planted marigolds and zinnias for the same reason as your mom. Whenever I see those flowers, I think of my mom. The circle of life and memories . . .

You painted a colorful picture of your garden for me, Dove. Wonderful!

You were missed, Melissa. I'm glad you enjoy your patterns. ;-D

Thanks, Arlene.

Sounds like a park setting, Roberta. It must be beautiful. Do you have a bench for neighbors to sit and enjoy your garden? I would enjoy sitting in your garden. I need to google Lambs Ear to find out what they look like. ??? I'm sure they add to the picture I already have of your garden.