Friday, August 1, 2008

Love Never Fades

Love Never Fades, Art Quilt, 9" x 12"
Fannie Narte


Colors, images and names
May all fade away,
But love, memories and music,
Are here to stay.


This art quilt is dedicated to my Dear friend, Sherry, and her Dad, Gene, who passed away from Alzheimer's disease. Sherry was kind enough to share her memories about her Dad, which inspired this quilt. Thank you so much, Sherry!


This quilt will be added to my gallery at AAQI. It is an auction quilt to help raise funds for Alzheimer's research.


Several friends have responded to my request for inspiration by sharing their personal memories of their loved ones who have or had Alzheimer's disease. I am in the process of creating more art quilts, which will be dedicated to their loved ones and donated to AAQI. Thank you, Friends! You're helping me reach my 2008 goal of earning $1,000 to benefit Alzheimer's research.


I'm grateful that my blog was unlocked so quickly. Thank you to all of you who wrote to Blogger in my behalf. I appreciate it very much.

Hurray! My blog is unlocked. Now what am I going to do with all my chocolates? ;-D


Jacq said...

HURRAY, HURRAY, I'm glad you are unlocked. About the chocolates, just enjoy.

kiwicarole said...

This is a simply beautiful little quilt! What a lovely thing to do. Sherry must feel very honoured.
Carole :)

Sherry said...

Oh Fannie, it is simply beautiful. I am so humbled and blessed. May I please do a copy and Paste into an email so I can show my step mom. She only has internet access at her work and her firewall won't let her into Blogger? Thanks again Fannie for supporting Alzheimer's research!

morningDove said...

oh i am so glad Blogger unlocked you. By the time I read your email you were undone. hurray!! Is there a quiltie with a lock and key coming out of this? why not turn that lemon into lemonade. I love the memory quilt on behalf of Sherry and her dad.
Can't wait to see more.

Fannie said...

Wish you could come and enjoy some chocolates with me, Jacq!

Hi, Carole! I'm grateful that Sherry gave me the inspiration for this art quilt.

Sherry, yes, you may do a copy and paste. Thanks for asking.

Dove, you're doing it again. How did you know I have a quiltie in mind for yesterday's "choice experience." ;-D You must be plugged in again.

freebird said...

So true. Love does not fade away. I believe it's just tucked away inside someone who has Alzheimer's or similar diseases and when we get to heaven it all blooms again.

Lovely quilt.