Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Purple Patch Project--2


Leslie Coleman submitted the names written on these purple patches. I will submit these patches to The Purple Patch Project at AAQI in her behalf.

Leslie is also gathering information about these people, which will be used to inspire art quilts which I will create and donate to AAQI to help raise money to fund Alzheimer's research.


These patches will be used to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease in ceremonies of remembrance at certain venues hosting the Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece exhibit. Each participant will receive a patch at the beginning of the ceremony. At its conclusion, they are invited to pin the patches on each other and wear them throughout the day to honor and remember the 24 million individuals worldwide who have Alzheimer's, and their families.


Music Calms the Anguished Soul, Photograph
© 2008 Fannie Narte


The monster hiding under the bed is a real fear to many children. I have had many terrifying experiences, but until recently, I don't think I really understood what it felt like to experience "fear"--the kind of fear where space strangles the body and the mind, and where one wants to scream, but no sound materializes . . . and the unfortunate evidence of having survived such an experience is the memory of the terror, which is played over and over again and causes one to drift within a non-space as a non-entity searching for answers and peace but never finding it.


I imagine family members of Alzheimer's patients may experience similar "thought" fears. One may ask: Will I end up with Alzheimer's too? That question may trigger a series of further questions: What will become of my children? What will become of my spouse? What about my job?

I understand this kind of fear. There is urgent need to find cures for many diseases. My participation with AAQI is but a minuscule part of the bigger picture.

I'm trying to make a difference in someone's life one art quilt, one project at a time. Thanks to all of you who are helping to inspire me and who are submitting names for the Purple Patch Project in behalf of AAQI.

Image from Enchanted Mercantile

Together, we can make a difference in someone's life.


laughingwolf said...

lovely, all of it... thx fannie

Christie said...

Aloha, Fannie - Thanks for "visitng" me, and so good to meet you! I have had sad experiences with Alzheimer's, my father was afflicted when I was only 10 (he was 60 when I was born) and it was a fearful time. This is a worthwhile project, thank you!

Diana Evans said...

bless your heart! you are such a wonderful and thoughtful artist Fannie....

Fannie said...

Thanks, LW.

Christie, Pe Hea Oe. Nice to see you. Thanks for your visit and for your comments. You're the first blogger/artist I've met from the Big Island.

Thanks, Diana.