Saturday, August 9, 2008

While strolling the Internet . . .

I visited the Quilting Arts Blog. They're promoting their new upcoming issue of Quilting Arts GIFTS, and they're also having a fabric giveaway for ten lucky winners. I thought some of you may be interested in playing as the deadline for participating is a few days away.


To play, all you need to do is respond to the following question:

What ritual do you perform when you are done with a big project such as a quilt or piece of art?


If you're interested in playing, visit the QA site and add your comment.


I did not realize I had a ritual until responding to the above question. Here's my response:


When I complete a big project, I display it on my easel and stand back and stare at it. I silently critique its design and composition and think about what it would look like from a distance. Then I walk away and look at it from across the room and ask:

Would this piece draw interest from a distance?

Would it beckon a viewer to explore its design up close?


I leave it on my easel so I can look at it throughout the day. When my husband comes home, he'll "oooh and ahhh" and smother me with congrats and praise. We'll rejoice together because he knows that I've done more than create an art quilt--I completed a project despite my health challenges.


The next day he'll e-mail my daughters with a "cc" to me and praise me and my accomplishments again. Then he'll arrange for a celebration, which is usually at my favorite Japanese restaurant, or invite the family over for a Sunday dinner and celebrate with a simple feast and playing music.


Regardless of where we celebrate, I look at each family member sitting around the dinner table and feel the warmth and love from those that matter and realize that my biggest project is sitting around me and holding me up on their easel.

I am blessed.


If you decide to play, click HERE to go to the QA Blog, and please leave a comment to this post so I can take a look at your response. It's interesting to learn what other artists do after completing a big project. I'm interested in knowing if you have a ritual.

Image from Enchanted Mercantile

Do you have a ritual?


Diana Evans said...

what a wonderful post Fannie...I must look at my own little rituals after a project...hmmmmmmmmm

Scrappy Cat said...

This is the comment I posted on the QA blog:

I usually take my finished project in to show it off to my husband. The next time my friends and I get together for our once-weekly sewing, I take it along to show them too.

morningDove said...

I read your post yesterday but didn't comment and then I re-read it again today. Your biggest project is the greatest accomplishment you have. I want to say the next biggest project is the way you have taken in so many and added them to your family. for that i am grateful. i love you dearly.

laughingwolf said...

good stuff, fannie!

come get your award....

Fannie said...

Hi, Diana. Somehow I see cupcakes as a part of your ritual. ;-D

Hi, Cheryl! Thanks for sharing your submission. Validation from husband and friends is always nice. A weekly sewing group with friends . . . excellent! You must enjoy those visits.

Morning, Dove. Yes, I adopt many as a part of my family. Thanks for being a willing "adoptee." You are loved.

Laughingwolf, thanks for your visits. An award . . . I'm off to get it. Thanks!