Friday, September 19, 2008

Friends Help You Fly--Card

Friends Help You Fly, Card, 5" x 5"
© 2008 Fannie Narte

The bird was made with a piece of fabric I received from Pokey in one of the Quilting Arts Fabric Giveaways. This card is flying to someone special. ;-D


There was a time when stamping was my medium of choice--besides quilting. Creating and mailing hand-stamped cards to my family and friends for their birthdays and at Christmastime was sort of a "happiness" meter, an indication of my "emotional health." If one of them received a store-bought card, I would receive a concerned phone call. ;-D


I like anything made with paper, and I have a nice collection of all sorts of pens. I'm just drawn to paper, writing instruments and journals. Maybe I'm a Victorian at heart as I enjoy writing letters and sending it by snail mail. It's a kind of journaling by mail.


In one of my recent visits back home to the Big Island, while helping my mom sort her large collection of "papers" in her closet, I found a manila file folder marked "Baby." My mom always calls me "Baby"--never "Fannie." "Baby, when are you coming home?" "Baby, how are the kids?" "Baby, I heard you're having bad weather in Texas. Are you okay?" And my favorite one: "Baby, you're skinny!" She always thought I needed fattening up.

Back to the story . . . I was surprised to see my name on one of her folders in the box with her bills, medical information, title papers and such. When I opened the bulky file, a collection of envelopes spilled onto the wooden floor. They were addressed to her in my handwriting! One of the envelopes was postmarked some time in the 1970's! I looked up at my mom who was sitting on the edge of the bed. She must have understood my heart's question. She smiled and simply said, "I miss you."


Now I find pleasure in a variety of media. I'm creating art and sending them to family and friends throughout the world. I hope the messages in my art bring hope, love, comfort and inspiration to those who receive them.

Imagine, Create, Inspire!


Scrappy Cat said...

Lovely card - I too used to be a very dedicated rubber stamper in addition to quilter - I knew we had a lot in common! :)

I loved reading about your finding your mom's folder - very sweet.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
your art spreads love and happiness all over the world. i have goosebumps reading your post. it is magic.

Jacq said...

It is fun to know where each of our journeys has taken us on our way to where we are now.

Diana Evans said...

oh how lucky your family and friends are....for each time you send some of your magical make their days brighter!!!

bless you

Fannie said...

C~, you were a stamper too? Fun! It's interesting to learn that we have many similarities.

Melissa . . . magic . . . that's a nice word to use. I'm honored. I never thought of my words as magic. But now I will and think of you everytime I hear that word.

Jacq . . . yes, seasons . . . journeys . . . changes . . . wonderful!

Thanks for shining down on me all the way from Canada, Diana!