Friday, September 5, 2008

Like Minds--Etsy Treasury

My Sunflower art quilt was highlighted in this Etsy Treasury, "Like Minds, Beauty From Artists Who Inspire," by Nancy Lefko.


That's a good question. Here's the answer directly from the Etsy Website:

"The Treasury is a member-curated gallery of short-lived lists of 12 hand-picked items each (plus four alternates). It functions as a high-demand (and pretty!) promotional tool that many devoted Etsians fight to get. Members can feature their favorite items, items selected on a theme, or just however they like.

"The Treasury is not intended for self-promotion, but instead to acknowledge and share the many cool things for sale on Etsy. Admin often choose an exceptional Treasury list to promote on the home page and occasionally make them to tie into Storque articles or special events and occasions."


While researching for this post, I learned that there are many more things I have yet to learn about Etsy and the valuable tools they offer shop owners. The Treasury is one of them.


I also learned that one has to be diligent and lucky to snag a spot to create a Treasury. Because of its high demand, being included in a Treasury is a privilege. Nancy could have, but didn't, include her own piece in the Treasury.

So here's my version of a "Treasury" of Nancy's Etsy Shop--her Etsy Mini:

Thanks, Nancy!

For . . . like minds.



paulavicente.artfactu said...

Hi sweet Fannie, adorable as usual!!!! I learn something everytime when i visit you. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugging you.

morningDove said...

these are very beautiful. Are the Treasury's for sale. Your's to honor Nancy is wonderful. She will really enjoy it. Is it only online or have you made it into fabric or a collaged piece?

paulavicente.artfactu said...

Hi, i´m glad you like the idea,.So, i´m afraid to ask because you are a complete artist. Do you want to participate? Or some of your friends? There is space for all and all aspects of art. If you want let me your ok on blog. Do you mind that i "link" you? Hugs

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
how exciting!
the treasury is so fun to look through and kudos to nancy for getting her collection listed! that is not easy to do.

Fannie said...

Hi, Paula. Sure you may link to me. Thanks for asking. Send me more information about your challenge. It sounds intriguing. Hope you have a good weekend too.

Dove, thanks for your question. The Treasury is an online image. Thanks for the compliment. ;-D

Morning, M. I didn't realize the significance of Treasuries until now. I would like to be more considerate of all things around me instead of paying attention to things only when they involve me. I'll work on that. Have you made a Treasury?

Regina said...

congrats on making it into such a beautiful treasury. Your sunflower looks great in it. xo

laughingwolf said...

beautiful :)

Fantastic Figments said...

FANNIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome that is a great honor:) See you are soaring! Very proud of you! You make such wonderful art and I am glad it was noticed!


quiltcrazygal said...

What a wonderful honor and so well deserved! I'm so happy for your success! Your friend, Jenna Louise

Jacq said...

Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!What a wonderful honor and one you deserve. I so love checking in with you everyday and watching you on your journey. You cotinually inspire me in direction I never thought of going.

DeBee said...

Congratulations, Fannie! Your work and writing is always so inspirational, so I am not too surprised to see your work honored. Thanks for sharing!

Ku'ulei said...

You made the TREASURY?!?!???!?!?! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!
So kind of you to represent Nancy's beautiful art too. :)

Catherine Holman said...

Congratulations on the Etsy Treasury. Your work is lovely and thanks for visiting my blog.

Fannie said...

Regina, LW, Steph, and JL, thanks for your visits. I appreciate you popping in to spread sunshine.

Jacq, thanks for taking the journey with me. Makes the trip more enjoyable.

Thanks, DeBee!

Kuu~yes, Nancy was nice to include me. Friendship, reciprocity, nice . . . eternal circle.

Hi, Catherine. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed visiting your blog and need to go back for more.


you are just too did not have to give me credit here....I wanted to showcase YOU and your beautiful artwork. But I am very grateful and wish I could put you in a treasury every week !!!