Monday, September 22, 2008

Paula's Giveaway

I received ALL of these goodies from Paula Clouse's recent giveaway, a generous blogger and new friend. When the box arrived--a large box--I was overwhelmed by her generosity. She included more items in the box than was displayed on her blog.


Paula and I met on an online group. This is her profile as written on her new blog "Art In Season":

"My name is Paula Clouse and I live in Southern Illinois, USA. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor by day, and an AltAred Art starving artist by night. My ART is inspired by things that are most important in my life: family, friends, art, spirituality, creation, culture, beauty."

"Art In Season" is Paula's "blog that will serve as a virtual art studio and craft shoppe, where she hopes "visitors will find unique gifts for friends and one of a kind decor."


Paula may be a starving artist by night, but she isn't lacking in creativity, imagination, generosity and energy. I found her at "Paula's Palace of Altered Art," and learned that she now has a new blog "Art In Season" for her other endeavors. I imagine her day job offers lots of inspiration for the human need for balance and the search for peace and happiness.


What comes to mind when you think of "starving artist"? I think about artists who need a day job for day-to-day necessities, but who are passionate about art and wish that that was their day job, and maybe "only" job. That would probably describe many of us, including me.


Then there's another idea that comes to mind when I hear that phrase: "starving artist." Does an artist starve for creativity? Does an artist starve for imagination?

I believe artists see with a "third eye." Inspiration is in everything that one can see, touch, feel, hear, smell or imagine. There may be that occasional block, which is easily fixed with a nature walk, a phone call to a friend, a drive to the beach or play time with grandchildren. A box of chocolates or a cupcake can sometimes help too. ;-D

Regardless of one's definition of "starving artist," there certainly isn't a lack of generosity in my art world. Thank you, Paula, for all these gifts. Good luck with your new adventure in "Art In Season."

How would you define "starving artists"? Are you a starving artist?


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie
what a wonderful bos you received!
happy first day of fall!

Paula Clare said...

Hi Fannie,
Thank you SO MUCH for the kind and amazing write up! I can think of no one more deserving of a giveaway "overload"!

Blessings to you and good luck with all of your artistic endeavors!

Happy Fall!

Jacq said...

What a great box with so many wonderful goodies. How we will be waiting to see what you do with them.

Diana Evans said...

wonderful to get such a lovely box filled with fun stuff!!! you deserve it Fannie!!!

Lisa M Griffin said...

what a lovely surprise to receive in the mail and filled with fun Halloween goodies! It looks like there are lots of items in there to keep you busy for days to come. In regards to starving artist... i believe it is a stigma that many of us live with. to be lucky enough to work creatively for a living, doing what you love is a gift. Thoughtful post as always. Thanks for sharing your post and your festive goodies.

Heather said...

wow, what a fantastic giveaway! so many wonderful and beautiful things!~

Fantastic Figments said...

WOWOW lucky lucky. I think Paula hit the starving artist comment on the head. I am just starving to be creative 24/7 but my day job is a necessity! BAHHHH one day ... one day..